Whether at all times and in all places, we always have infinitely rich imaginations for the messengers of justice. In the West, there are various descriptions of heroes, from medieval swordsmen to various heroes in Marvel and DC; in the East, there are chivalrous experts who act bravely.



In the past, there was no strict and systematic law like modern society, so it is expected that people of justice can assist in upholding justice so that the law can be upheld, and the stability and harmony of the society can be maintained. Therefore, the existence of a hero is necessary, he or she provides the highest level of support besides the legal principles, which is a force to stabilize the society. In order to avoid slogan-style justice, we must put it into practice. For example, some good people always like to stand up and be fair on treating different things, like the Gong Dao Bo and Gong Dao Po in east culture.



In addition to looking forward to the arrival of the messenger of justice, we usually like to act as the embodiment of justice to satisfy our sense of vanity. Because righteous actions are often respected, the person who does it will have appeal. But what is the easiest way to convince others?  It is most convincing to claim that what you are doing is carrying out the will of the Heavens, and the one who opposes you will be demoted as evil suffering scolded and criticized. Does it sound familiar? How come there is also a modern version playing out? It is like a Witch-hunt that can be seen from the past till now, and people never get tired of doing so. It is a defective national trait come from conformity.



Justice, like liberty, sometimes becomes the best excuse and a smoke bomb to cover up one's own mistakes. Like the saying goes ''Liberty, Liberty, how many crimes are committed in thy name.'' If changing the word ''liberty'' to ''justice'', it might get a similar meaning. ''Justice, Justice, how many crimes are committed in thy name.'' It is dangerous to blindly believe in justice because you cannot know whether the party who claims justice is good, just like the real God never shows up, the truth is invisible and intangible, and sometimes it must be proved by a free heart.



When the time we know that sometimes evil pretends to be righteous, the world is no longer simple and natural, it will become much more complicated. How do we judge the righteous? Who should follow? Where to go? We should train ourselves to be judgmental enough to distinguish between good and evil, or sometimes even both. After all, the world is full of complexities, complete justice or evil perhaps only exists in the imagination. But sometimes it is inevitable to choose a side, there is big and small justice, big and small evil, and we still have to make judgments and choices.



After having enough judgment, we must have the courage to stand, stand on the side that we support, and resist the forces of evil. Appeasement is also another evil act because you watch evil continue to grow and do nothing. We need to have a clear mind and cultivate a firm heart. While making the right decisions, we must also draw a line from the evil forces and confront them when necessary. Only in this way can the goodness and justice in the world be preserved and continue the good things.



As long as you are willing to summon the courage to stand up, you can also become the incarnation of justice. It may not be as great as heroes and knights, but you can stop the expansion of evil forces and act as a small vanguard of justice, a real and modern version of the messenger of justice. You don't have to have swordsmanship, martial arts, or superpowers, you can use your own power to achieve justice and make the world a better place.




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