The myth that we are generally familiar with is that Adam's wife was Eve. In fact, in Sumerian mythology and Jewish literature, Adam's first wife was named Lilith, and like Adam, God created her from the soil.



Since Lilith and Adam were of the same origin, she disagreed with the status of male superiority, therefore, she left the Garden of Eden after accusing Adam. She was considered a heretic and was cast as a witch and demon. After Adam took her rib, Eve was born. The positioning of Lilith and Eve is different. Adam and Lilith were born separately, but Eve is subordinate to Adam. In this sense, Lilith has a special status. she was the first woman of human beings, and her status is not lost to Adam.



In the conservative era of the past, it was very strange to fight for women's rights, and it was normal to think that men should be superior to women. Any heresy that violates conventions and logic would be regarded as the devil Satan, or as an evil force, such as a witch. Lilith laughed at Adam's rudeness and arrogance and was dissatisfied with his words and deeds. She had the courage to assert her rights. In the eyes of many conservatives, she should be out of their sight. They described her as ''The Night Witch'', who existed like a demon.



We all fear and reject the unknown or the unconventional, but we rarely think about the legitimacy of the so-called "common sense", and whether the heresy is really heresy, simply different from us, or in fact completely harmless. Lilith's brave actions are now regarded as a pioneer of feminism and a symbol of feminist thinking. In modern society, everyone can stand up and defend their rights, but in Lilith's time, she would be regarded as a witch and persecuted.



We should learn from the past that mistakes made in the previous time should be avoided in the future. As the historian, Santayana said: ''Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.'' Human beings are constantly suffering without knowing it, so we hear sages express their opinions again: ''The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history!'' How disappointing does that sound? We have gone through such a long history, is it completely meaningless to us?



It's time for the awakening and ascension of human consciousness. You should ask yourself: ''Do I often criticize people who are different from me? Do I feel disgusted or fearful that someone is not like me? If I were someone, what would I think?'' Sometimes when you think about it from the other perspective, the answer you get will be different. The state of many facts is not binary, but has diverse options, and is a plurality of choices. What you love is not necessarily what someone else loves. There must be many differences in opinions. We must fully recognize this in order to avoid the trap of criticizing each other.



It is necessary to remove the blind spot, especially in a society where information flows so fast with diverse values. Unless you can find the Garden of Eden to hide in, please try to broaden your horizons, see people who disagree with you, and make a difference. Try to accommodate dissidents, in order to adapt to such a rapidly changing modern society. There is a kind of obsolete idea that always stays in the past and is not willing to accept the future. we will all grow old, but hope our hearts will become younger and younger!




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