All things in nature coexist and survive together, nourished by the land and climate. Instead of relying on the diversity of species, our prosperous ecosystem can only breed all things when a balance is achieved between the yin and yang poles.



Day and night, cold and heat, summer and winter, and Yin and Yang all appear in our daily life in various forms and all things prosper because of the interdependence between these two. If one goes to an extreme, the balance of climate and nature would be disturbed, which would be unpleasant for anyone. Humans claim to be the spirit of all things, but our lives are still subject to the influence of the natural environment without knowing it. Without sufficient sunlight and moderate rain, we cannot live a normal life.



People who live in the arctic circle have to live in a state of polar day and polar night for a period of time each year. Polar day interferes with sleep quality, and polar night causes seasonal depression. The balance between yin and yang is essential. Even in the modern age with such advanced technology, we still need to live under good weather to spend the years successfully. For example, the two extreme scenarios, drought and floods, that have appeared around the world this year, not only affected the supply of food but also caused people to live without peace and contentment. How irony it is.



The peaceful springs and autumns during the years are getting shorter and shorter, there is no space for nature to breathe, and humans must adapt to the consequences of the normalization of extreme climates. As soon as the summer ends, the weather turns cold immediately, and the thin quilt for hot weather is replaced with a heavy quilt. Almost every day in summer is unbearably hot and has high temperatures. What we can do is hope for the coming winter to be less harsh to freezing cold. Therefore, the rise of environmental awareness awakens our attention to our surrounding area, so that we have less chance to cause irreversible consequences due to excessive human development.



This is true for humans, but what about God? Trinity, who drove Lucifer into hell, was very painful. When he fell into the abyss of pain, he accidentally heard a reminder from the mother of the universe. She said to him that he shouldn't view things on only the surface, instead, he should grasp the essence of everything. Trinity and Lucifer represent brightness and darkness respectively, they should not only fight against each other but complement their deficiencies in order to balance all things. Trinity stood up from the blow, with an understanding of the meaning and value of his life.



Everything has binary sides. Trinity and Lucifer are the binary opposition of god and demon, good and evil, light and dark, and yang and yin. But the two poles are not always opposites, there are moments when they balance, contain, and even merge with each other. The principle that the two poles are interdependent is not understood by everyone, and people usually only see the opposite side of each other. In the eyes of ordinary people, yin and yang are only conflicting existences. This is a deeply rooted view of binary opposition. Nevertheless, there are still lots of things, including the changes of yin and yang, that have a side of mutual dependence in addition to mutual repulsion.



The mysteries of the universe are endless. Light is the knowledge of yin and yang changes. There are limited words and endless meanings.  We should follow the example of the mother of the universe and Trinity. We should view the two poles of yin and yang from the perspective of the balance of all things, know how to consider the overall situation of things, see all things from a macro position, update our obsolete thinking, and create a new pattern of thinking. Perhaps you can evoke your hidden pineal gland, open a new dimension and your spirit, and have a new and different experience of life!




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