The truth is often learned after the fact. In the era now everyone is a self-media, we all represent a voice. When the truth is obscured by voices, it must be discerned for a period of time before the true face of the incident can be known .In the post-truth era, everyone participates in the act of explaining, but hard to recognize the bigger picture.



We used to believe the truth, believed that everything would operate according to certain principles. But now with the endless chaos and all kinds of bizarre phenomena, truth begun to be doubt. Or it can be derived from another idea, the truth may exist, but it is very far away from our time. Why did Lucifer start a revolution? He was the most favored, isn't he satisfied? That was not the case. Things are not taken for granted from start to end, and everything can be turned upside down in a moment.



Many great inventions and innovations are considered heretical at the moment and are only proven after the passage of time. Socrates, the founder of Western philosophy, was sentenced to death for his wisdom offending those in power. Nicolaus Copernicus, his heliocentric theory was criticized by the Holy See, and now we all know that the earth revolves around the sun. Vincent van Gogh, whose paintings were only sold a few during his lifetime, but popular in present time. There are so many famous examples that we cannot help but wonder: Is the world as we know it right?



There is a price to pay for avant-garde! How much avant-garde art has been banned in the name of immorality or ridiculed as third-rate works. There is a saying that the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out. The first person to stand up and question the existing status quo must have a strong heart and a firm will when facing accusations from all sides. Power is sometimes invisible. It is deeply rooted in people's hearts through culture, and it affects our lives subtly. But we are accustomed to ignoring it, unaware that we have fallen into a trap. Hundreds of years ago, women belonged to men, while whites owned black slaves. These views and behaviors that may seem to be absurd now were normal at the time.



When those in power become unquestionable, history then has space for doubt. This is a record determined by the winner, can it tell the truth? Winners become kings, while losers are portrayed as heinous sinners, expelled from the history. Can such history reflect the real situation? It's just a propaganda template for those in power. Can good and evil really draw the line between each other? It is sometimes very vague. However, the record must be the winner. But behind the battles, who is the true righteousness?



You shall not be deceived by these false appearances. No one has absolute control. Times change rapidly, and there are conflicts between various forces, the real situation is far more complicated than you can think. Good and evil are often extremely difficult to distinguish, and history is not necessarily the truth. During the past, having knowledge was equivalent to having power, but at this moment when information is overloaded, only by knowing how to filter useful information can we survive in modern society and truly possess wisdom.



Everything is not so absolute, and the interpretation of those in power may not be totally accurate. The true sage must have his own perspectives, keep an open mind and attitude, revise himself at any time, and accept different voices.




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