立陶宛 Lietuva

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Lietuva, the Republic of Lithuania, located in northeastern Europe, is the Baltic States along with Estonia and Latvia. The area of 65,000 square kilometers and is dominated by plain terrain, composed of forests, rivers and thousands of lakes. Traveling to this pearl of the Baltic region will surprise you with historical and cultural marvels. Lithuania besides its rich history is packed with spectacular landscapes and extraordinary scenery. 

立陶宛 Lietuva



Vilnius once called by Napaleon the Jerusalem of the North Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and its largest city, It is a modern and sophisticated city where medieval patrimony and the modern architecture is standing side by side. With lots of attractive and stunning places to visit Vilnius Old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and features architecture styles from different times. Hundreds of elegant Gothic renaissance and Baroque buildings stand beside stylish restaurants and cozy cafés.





In the heart of Old Town, you will find the old campus Vilnius University which is one of the oldest universities In Northern Europe. While wondering the streets of Old Town, make sure you visit Vilnius Cathedral. The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania the Presidential Palace and the famous Gate of Dawn. If you want an outstanding example of Gothic architecture, don’t miss St. Anne’s Church, and if you want a Baroque architecture masterpiece, head to Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Probably the most spectacular panorama views of Vilnius Is at the top of Gediminas’ Hill. There you will not only find a complete view of beautiful houses and small streets, but you will also get the see Gediminas’ Tower. 


考納斯市(Kaunas city )特色酒吧
考納斯市(Kaunas city )特色酒吧


考納斯市(Kaunas city )橫跨內穆納斯河和涅里斯河的交匯處,是立陶宛的第二大城市。白天,在林蔭大道之間的城市中,您可以探索充滿特色酒吧和地下酒館的紅街區考納斯城堡,在舊城區的鵝卵石街道蜿蜒穿梭其中。 在當地餐廳,您可以嘗試民族菜餚,例如帶有各種餡料的 cepelinai 土豆餃子或 saltibarciai。同時不要忘了嘗試來自小型啤酒廠所釀造的古怪啤酒。

Kaunas city extending over the conjunctions of the Nemunas and Neris rivers is the second largest city of Lithuania. In the city in between boulevards filled with several specialty bars and underground drinkeries during the daytime, you may search out the red-block Kaunas Castle, and meander through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town. In local restaurants try national dishes like cepelinai potato dumplings with various fillings or saltibarciai. Do not forget to try a lot of amazing and Quirky beers from small breweries.


十字架山 The Hill of Crosses


十字架山位在希奧利艾市附近,這個不尋常的地方,裝飾著數千個十字架。 這些十字架是為在俄羅斯帝國時代死去的人們所豎立的。 不管你是不是一個有宗教信仰的人,這是一個你詭異且陰森更值得參觀的景點。

The Hill of Crosses near the city of Siauliai, this unusual site is decorated with thousands of crosses. These crosses were erected on the hill for the people that died during the times of the Russian Empire. It does not matter if you are a person of religious beliefs, it is an astounding and utterly wonderful sight you cannot miss.




立陶宛南部有一個名為 Druskininkai 的溫泉小鎮。 “druska”一詞在立陶宛語中是指鹽的意思,它與這座小鎮鎮齊名,因為這裡的鹹水富含豐富的礦物質兼具療效。 當你到達 Druskininkai 時,可以體驗不同的水療護理,例如桑拿按摩、三溫暖! 除此之外,這座小鎮所擁有的湖泊、森林美景如畫一般,美得令人讚嘆。

Located in Southern Lithuania, you will find a spa town called Druskininkai. The word ‘druska’ refers to salt in Lithuanian, and it is part of the name of this town, due to the area’s salty waters full of rich minerals with healing properties. When you get to Druskininkai, prepare for different spa treatments such as saunas massages, hot tubs and more! The town is situated in a picturesque landscape with rivers lakes and forests.


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隨著各國陸續解封,台北也即將迎接來訪的外國觀光客。而你在台北看到了什麼?你想怎麼介紹這個城市?如何向國外的朋友介紹你我所熟知的台北? D.G. Wander 將為你帶來一個平行世界的台北:新與舊的世界。從歷史的源頭認識老台北,老東西孕育出懷舊的心感動;... 整座城市都是我的時間光廊!你將在新舊交融的台北中,找到台北這座城市的律動感。

🇹🇷 土耳其的首都不是伊斯坦堡 _ 2022年中已更改國名

D.G. Wander的世界漫遊來到土耳其。相信不少人看到標題會愣一下,土耳其首都不是伊斯坦堡嗎?正確答案是安卡拉(Ankara,舊稱「安哥拉」)。另外,土耳其已於2022/6/2將國名正式改為Türkiye,以避免之前Turkey類似「火雞」的諧音。解封旅遊潮在即,土耳其航空已從Turkish Airlines更名為Türk Hava Yolları,想下訂機票前請再三確認,以免錯過相關的資訊。

🇫🇮 橫跨極圈的國度芬蘭 _ 搭乘北極特快車與哈士奇雪橇 _ 追尋聖誕老人的故鄉

D.G. Wander 這次來到橫跨極圈的北國:芬蘭,漫遊首都赫爾辛基,並一同搭乘北極特快車來到聖誕老人的故鄉羅瓦涅米,體驗冰磚飯店以及玻璃屋旅館,並乘坐哈士奇雪橇,一覽極地風光。
探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

本專欄主要介紹藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的生活背景與創作理念,以及他的創作──探索宇宙和生命本質的神話小說畫集三部曲:關於「成長與信念」的首部曲《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》、圍繞著「愛與救贖」的二部曲《生命樹與智慧樹 Life Tree & Wisdom Tree 》,以及探討「命運與選擇」的三部曲《天國與地獄 Paradise & Underworld 》。
接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者

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