🇨🇭 瑞士的首都不是蘇黎世 _ 在地球上選一個國家作為公園 _ 那就是瑞士


The capital of Switzerland is not Zurich: If choosing one country on earth to be a park, it would definitely be Switzerland.


D.G. Wander來到山明水秀的瑞士。蘇黎世(Zurich)雖是瑞士第一大城,但瑞士的首都其實是一個相對冷門的名字:伯恩(Bern)。瑞士擁有風景秀麗的阿爾卑斯山,得天獨厚的自然景觀,不但是冬季滑雪的勝地,夏天更是登山愛好者的天堂。然而,獨特的瑞士人有某些性格,可能會令你大感意外!

D.G. Wander has come to Switzerland, a country with beautiful scenery this time. Although Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, the capital of Switzerland is actually a relatively unpopular name: Bern. Switzerland has the beautiful Alps and unique natural landscapes. It is not only a ski resort in winter, but also a paradise for mountain climbers in summer. However, the unique Swiss have certain personalities that may surprise you!




瑞士 / Switzerland

2021 人均 GDP / 2021 GDP per capita:USD$ 93,720(3nd in the world)

總人口數 / Population:880萬 / 8.8 M

官方語言 / Language:德語、法語、義大利語、羅曼什語 / German, French, Italian, Romansh

首都 / Capital:伯恩 / Bern

國土面積 / Area:41,285km²



Bern's Old Town, a World Heritage Site: Dating back to the Middle Ages!



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First, Bern, the capital of Switzerland, was named after the "bear". It is one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in the world and has been listed as a world cultural heritage by the United Nations. Because Switzerland is a neutral country, it survived World War II and was not affected by the war, and the old town of Bern is intact. These buildings can be traced back to the 12th century and have a history of nearly 900 years, but a fire in 1405 destroyed most of the buildings in Bern, which is a pity! Most of the existing houses were rebuilt after being miserable, but still retains the appearance of the Middle Ages, combined with the functions of the modern city, so that the old town of Bern has the style of coexistence of ancient and modern.



The most budget-conscious citizens: Is it because their ancestors were poor?


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It is rumored that the Swiss are the most "considerable" citizens among European countries, and they have absolutely nothing to do with "luxury and waste"; from another point of view, their attitude towards life is more pragmatic. Because the ancestors had to overcome the difficulties of surviving in the high mountains and lived a life of scarce resources, they developed a diligent and practical national character for hundreds of years. In 1985, Switzerland held a referendum on whether to increase the number of annual holidays. This is good news for the common people of any country, but I didn't expect it to be rejected!



In 2002, a referendum on a similar issue was held on whether to reduce the average working hours per week from 42 hours to 36 hours. There are a lot of workaholics! Today's Switzerland has become the world's leading country in terms of economy, education, living and other indicators. Although it is not related to the word "poverty", they still have their own perseverance and continue to live a pragmatic and cost-effective life.



If choosing one country on earth to be a park, it would definitely be Switzerland.


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If you want to choose a country in the world that looks the most like a park, Switzerland should be the best choice. Switzerland has the title of "World Park". There are mountains, lakes, forests and canyons. The unique natural landscape has become a major feature of Switzerland. The picturesque Jungfrau in the Alps has attracted many writers and artists, leaving behind a lot of artistic creations; the Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe. There is a hydroelectric power plant in the 19th century, and every year on August 1st, the Swiss National Day, there is a wonderful firework show; the spa resort Leukerbad, which was discovered as early as Roman times, has 65 thermal spas, and has a very developed local tourism industry.



Rare and classic designs: essential selection of Swiss watch models for collectors.


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瑞士的鐘錶業可追溯到16世紀,現已成為全球高級鐘錶主要生產地之一。其特點包括:精湛的工藝、嚴格的質量控制、創新的設計、高度的專業化和保值性。瑞士的鐘錶製造商非常注重品質和工藝,對質量控制非常嚴格,並經常推出具有創新性的設計和功能。瑞士高級鐘錶因其品質、工藝和設計而被視為一種投資,且能在未來保持其價值,是全球高級鐘錶愛好者的首選之一。其中有幾款因稀缺性或是經典的設計,而較具保值性的瑞士鐘錶,如百達翡麗(Patek Philippe)的Nautilus、積家(Jaeger-LeCoultre)的Reverso,以及寶珀(Blancpain)的Fifty Fathoms,都是許多收藏家的精選錶款。

Switzerland's watchmaking industry can be traced back to the 16th century and has since become one of the main global producers of high-end watches. Its key characteristics include exquisite craftsmanship, strict quality control, innovative design, high specialization, and value preservation. Swiss watchmakers pay great attention to quality and craftsmanship, enforce strict quality control measures, and frequently introduce innovative designs and functionalities. Swiss luxury watches are considered an investment due to their quality, craftsmanship, and design, and can maintain their value in the future, making them the top choice for high-end watch enthusiasts worldwide.Some Swiss watches are considered valuable by collectors due to their scarcity or classic design, such as Patek Philippe's Nautilus, Jaeger-LeCoultre's Reverso, and Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms. These are all highly sought-after timepieces.



This country is very focused on appointments. Everything must have a plan.


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In Switzerland, it is almost always necessary to make an appointment for everything. For instance, going to restaurants or hospitals. The Swiss are very particular about the use of time. Everyone is a master of time management. They want to have plenty of time to prepare and get things done perfectly, so pre-planning is particularly important. They also pay attention to precision and efficiency. When meeting with friends, you can't just decide on the date first, even if the time and minutes are pre-arranged, they sometimes send a notification to the calendar on the other phone. In Switzerland, everyone is an "appointment freak"!



Waiting for buses, shopping without queuing? The amazing alternative culture in Switzerland.


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什麼?這麼講求效率的瑞士人,搭車和購物竟然不用排隊?!我們真的要讚嘆瑞士人不排隊的天然習性,剛才提到的時間管理,喜歡把時間價值放大到極限的他們,排隊當然是一種「浪費時間」的行為啊!在他們的認知裡,插隊才是常態,會排隊的都是觀光客。因此發明出獨一無二的「瑞士側步」(Swiss sidestep):慢慢沿著遊客隊伍的邊緣往前擠,移動到隊伍的前端佔據好位置。然而為了避免爭議,郵局、銀行機構還是會以發放號碼牌的方式,來解決先來後到的問題。

Such an efficient Swiss does not have to queue for rides and shopping? ! I really want to admire the habit of the Swiss not to line up. The time management just mentioned that they like to maximize the value of time to the limit. Of course, queuing is a "waste of time". In their perception, queue jumping is the norm, and all those who will queue are tourists. Hence the invention of the unique "Swiss sidestep" They slowly squeeze forward along the edge of the tourist line, moving to the front of the line to take a good position. However, in order to avoid disputes, post offices and banking institutions will still issue number plates to solve the problem of first-come, first-serving.

🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

依照常理判斷,心臟當然比羽毛還重,但是在古埃及的信仰中,死者靈魂的心臟如果比羽毛重,代表充滿罪惡,將會有嚴重的後果!古埃及文明由於神祕不可測而令人著迷,除了法老的陵墓金字塔之外,還有許多稀世珍寶的古文物收藏在埃及博物館內。而相較於古埃及死亡審判「非善即惡」的概念,還有另一種「萬物平衡」的觀點,這也是本次 D.G. Wander 所要探討的議題之一。
🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

隨著各國陸續解封,台北也即將迎接來訪的外國觀光客。而你在台北看到了什麼?你想怎麼介紹這個城市?如何向國外的朋友介紹你我所熟知的台北? D.G. Wander 將為你帶來一個平行世界的台北:新與舊的世界。從歷史的源頭認識老台北,老東西孕育出懷舊的心感動;... 整座城市都是我的時間光廊!你將在新舊交融的台北中,找到台北這座城市的律動感。

🇹🇷 土耳其的首都不是伊斯坦堡 _ 2022年中已更改國名

D.G. Wander的世界漫遊來到土耳其。相信不少人看到標題會愣一下,土耳其首都不是伊斯坦堡嗎?正確答案是安卡拉(Ankara,舊稱「安哥拉」)。另外,土耳其已於2022/6/2將國名正式改為Türkiye,以避免之前Turkey類似「火雞」的諧音。解封旅遊潮在即,土耳其航空已從Turkish Airlines更名為Türk Hava Yolları,想下訂機票前請再三確認,以免錯過相關的資訊。

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