與新加坡僅一線之隔 _ 馬來西亞建設大型經濟特區

The large construction of a special economic zone in Malaysia, a country nearby Singapore


D.G. Wander巡迴完新加坡,這次來到鄰國馬來西亞,來一探這南洋之國的身影:令人好奇的峇峇娘惹文化、依斯干達經濟特區、亞洲第一座樂高樂園、來自英國的松木片場,以及馬來料理中的主角叻沙(Laksa)。

After D.G. Wander's tour of Singapore, he then came to Malaysia this time, to explore the special elements of this Southeast Asian country. There is the attractive culture of Baba and Nyonya, the special economic zone in Iskandar, the first Asian Legoland, the British Pinewood studio, and the protagonist of Malay cuisine, Laksa.




馬來西亞 / Malaysia

2021 人均 GDP / 2021 GDP per capita:USD$11,410(69th in the world)

總人口數 / Population:3330萬 / 33.3 million

官方語言 / Language:馬來西亞語/ Bahasa Malaysia

首都 / Capital:吉隆坡 / Kuala Lumpur

國土面積 / Area:329,847 km²



Is Nyonya not only a dish but also a representation of culture?



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大家一定都聽過娘惹美食,但其實「娘惹」是多元種族融合所產生的一種文化。在馬來西亞,「峇峇娘惹」(馬來語:Baba Nyonya,又稱「土生華人」)指的是中國移民與東南亞原住民通婚的後裔,男性稱為「峇峇」,女性則稱為「娘惹」,有一說是取自閩南語「阿爸」和「阿娘」的諧音而來。

You must have heard about the Nyonya dishes, and in fact, "Nyonya" is a culture created by the integration of multiple ethnicities. In Malaysia, "Baba Nyonya", or Peranakan, can be referred to as the offspring of intermarriage of Chinese immigrants and Southeast Asian aborigines. Males are called Baba and females are called Nyonya. There is a saying that it is derived from the homophonic pronunciation of "Aba" and "Aniang" in Hokkien.



During the epoch of Zheng He's voyages in the Ming Dynasty in China, lots of migrants moved to Southeast Asia and intermarried with local people. Besides, most of them were from Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, and Chaozhou. The culture of Baba Nyonya is mainly a mixture of Malay and Chinese cultures and has a certain influence on Malaysian culture. The people there pay more attention to etiquette, customs, and seniority rules, their weddings and funerals are mainly present in traditional Chinese styles. The Nyonya food culture is popular in places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, and is known for its strong taste, the use of various Malay spices, and the sweet and spicy taste.



Following the example of Shenzhen, a large special economic zone has been established in the country next to Singapore.



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由於中國深圳經濟特區的成功,馬來西亞借鏡其經驗,特別於20067月宣布在柔佛州南部區域成立「馬來西亞依斯干達」(Iskandar MalaysiaIM),期望能藉由大型且全面性的經濟特區,成功帶動馬來西亞的整體經濟。

Due to the success of China's Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the Malay government announced the establishment of "Iskandar Malaysia" (IM) in the southern region of Johor in July 2006. It is hoped that the large-scale and comprehensive special economic zone can successfully drive the overall economy of Malaysia.



Iskandar covers an area of 2,217 square kilometers and consists of five local government administrative areas, including the administrative center of Johor "Iskandar Puteri". The special zone is divided into five zones, A, B, C, D, and E. It is planned to include a commercial zone, a financial zone, a medical zone, an education zone, a holiday resort, a logistics distribution center, a port, an industrial zone and an international airport. All hardware facilities are available. In 2019, Iskandar expanded to 4,794 square kilometers.



Iskandar has a unique geographical location. It is only a 3-hour drive from the capital Kuala Lumpur and 50 minutes from Singapore. There are also Indonesia's Batam Economic Development Zone and the Strait of Malacca. The preferential tax policy also attracts various investments. But there is still room to catch up with the economic goals set at the beginning.



The first Asian Legoland, with 18 miniature national attractions!



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The Legoland in Malaysia is located in Iskandar Puteri, and it is the 6th Legoland in the world and the 1st in Asia. A total of 50 million building blocks are used to create 15,000 models of which six of the block builders went to California and Denmark to train for several months. It cost about 235 million US dollars, covers an area of 31 hectares (about 94,000 ping), and opened on September 15, 2012.



The design of the park is suitable for all ages, and there are also interactive experiences specially designed for children under 12 years old. There are 7 theme parks in this lego world, of which the largest “Miniland” park uses 30 million building blocks to create 18 famous Asian attractions in a 1:20 scale. In addition to the Petronas Towers in Malaysia itself, there are also Merlion in Singapore, Taj Mahal in India, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Moreover, there are various restaurants, Lego water parks and Lego hotels, which not only satisfy the curiosity of children, but also covers the convenience for adults.



The well-known film and television institution has chosen Malaysia to build the ASEAN Hollywood.





In the Iskandar special economic zone, there is another amazing area named the Pinewood Studio. Due to economic policies such as tax incentives, many foreign investments have been attracted. Among them, the British Pinewood Studios is one of the most well-known organizations. It is the largest studio in Europe and has produced 007, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other series of movies.





Due to the rise of the Asian film and television market in recent years, and the incentive of a 30% tax discount, the first Asian studio of Pinewood Studios chose to settle in Iskandar, Malaysia. The first batch of funds invested was as high as 170 million US dollars. The studio covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters and has the largest paddock water tank in Southeast Asia. The first work to be filmed is the epic Netflix series "Marco Polo". The Pinewood studio in Iskandar has not only made Johor the city of film in Malaysia, but also an ASEAN Hollywood just around the corner.



The protagonist of Malay cuisine, was also selected as the 7th place in CNN's global cuisine.



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Photo by tehcheesiong from envatoelemants

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Travelers who have been to Malaysia must be fond of local delicacies. Due to the fusion of various ethnic food cultures, Malaysia has a variety of cuisines. In addition to Nyonya dishes, the most well-known is Laksa.


叻沙是馬來西亞最具代表性的料理之一,不同族群與地區的烹調方式和口味都大異其趣。馬來西亞華人所指的「叻沙」,通常是咖哩叻沙(Curry Laksa)或亞參叻沙(Asam Laksa)。咖哩叻沙綜合了馬來人、華人和娘惹的飲食文化,以椰奶作為湯頭,味道濃郁;亞參叻沙味道則偏酸辣,湯底以鮮魚熬製,最後會將魚肉去骨去刺,再加入蝦膏來品嚐。亞參叻沙的美味也受到CNN的認證,將它評選為全球50大美食中的第7名。

Laksa is one of the most representative dishes in Malaysia. Different ethnic groups and regions have different cooking methods and tastes. What Malaysian Chinese call "laksa" is usually Curry Laksa or Asam Laksa. The curry laksa combines the food culture of Malays, Chinese and Nyonya. The coconut milk is used as the soup, which has a strong taste, and the taste for the Assam is usually sour and spicy, which its soup base is made with fresh fish. The fish in it would be deboned and thorned and added with shrimp paste to taste. The deliciousness of Assam Laksa has also been certified by CNN, which ranked it No. 7 in the world's top 50 delicacies.



Nanyang style ramen in Dotard Village




D.G. Wander相關企業糊塗里私廚酒窖Dotard Village目前正推出充滿南洋風味的蝦湯海鮮拉麵,讓你不出國也能體驗道地的星馬料理。瀏覽完世界漫遊的新加坡篇,順便也來一趟美食之旅吧!

Dotard Village, a company related to D.G. Wander, is currently launching Nanyang-style ramen that allow you to experience authentic Singapore-Malaysia style cuisine without going abroad. After browsing this new chapter of world roaming in Singapore, let's take a food tour by the way!



🇫🇮 橫跨極圈的國度芬蘭 _ 搭乘北極特快車與哈士奇雪橇 _ 追尋聖誕老人的故鄉

D.G. Wander 這次來到橫跨極圈的北國:芬蘭,漫遊首都赫爾辛基,並一同搭乘北極特快車來到聖誕老人的故鄉羅瓦涅米,體驗冰磚飯店以及玻璃屋旅館,並乘坐哈士奇雪橇,一覽極地風光。
🇲🇾 與新加坡僅一線之隔 _ 馬來西亞建設大型經濟特區

🇲🇾 與新加坡僅一線之隔 _ 馬來西亞建設大型經濟特區

D.G. Wander巡迴完新加坡,這次來到鄰國馬來西亞,來一探這南洋之國的身影:令人好奇的峇峇娘惹文化、依斯干達經濟特區、亞洲第一座樂高樂園、來自英國的松木片場,以及馬來料理中的主角叻沙(Laksa)。

🇸🇬 新加坡的首都是新加坡市 _ 填海造陸的夢幻國際機場 _ 為了一睹漩渦瀑布而特地來此轉機

D.G. Wander這次來到了充滿南洋風情的星馬地區,先漫遊到新加坡,來看看這座東南亞海港,如何躍升成國際金融中心,介紹令人胃口大開的大雜燴沙拉羅惹;填海造陸的浩大工程;象徵種族文化大融合的Singlish;以及連續8年蟬聯第一的樟宜機場。

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