Battles between two chefs from the East and the West.

To present you the “CAVIAR HIGH TEA” in Dotard Village.


糊塗里私廚酒窖Dotard Village是個結合餐飲和品酒文化的多元場所,並以酒為主、餐為客的方式規劃飲食服務品項,利用每一季不同的活動主題,帶出餐酒搭配更豐富、更多元的想像空間,藉由各式品酒會與創意料理聚會,碰撞出餐飲概念的新火花。

Dotard Village, a private kitchen with a wine cellar, is a multi-cultural venue that combines dining and wine-tasting cultures. In addition, the food and beverage service items are planned in the way of wine as the main and meal as the guest, using different themes of each season, to bring out a more prosperous and diverse way of imagination for food and wine pairings. Various wine-tasting parties and creative cooking gatherings show you new catering concepts.



CAVIAR HIGH TEA: Flavor impacts on sense and mind

糊塗里本季活動主題是「餐酒的搭配方式」,而於6/10(五)~ 6/12(日)連續三天舉辦「魚子醬銘點大師創作饗宴」活動,首場由糊塗里主廚Ash及來自瑞士的國際知名甜點主廚Florian Bourquin,雙主廚共同呈現魚子醬創意料理。以來自裏海的頂級伊朗魚子醬品牌 MIROOD Caviar 為主食材,兩位主廚分別從鹹食與甜點,以及餐酒搭配的方式著手,進行大膽的原創料理較勁!不但是視覺的饗宴,更是味蕾的衝擊,產生出豐富層次的感官體驗,並共同探索料理更多的可能性。

This season, Dotard Village Private Dining & Wine Cellar is going with the subject of "Pairing of Food and Wine", by this topic there goes a scheme event ''CAVIAR HIGH TEA'' for three consecutive days from 6/10 (Fri) to 6/12 (Sun), with Chef Ash from Dotard Village, and the worldwide renowned dessert chef Florian Bourquin from Switzerland, they are jointly presenting a brand new series of caviar cuisines which have never been launched and tasted in the world. The key ingredient and also the scheme of this event is MIROOD Caviar, the top Iranian caviar brand from the Caspian Sea. This show goes with three original savory dishes with caviar by Chef Ash, afterward there are three original desserts with caviar by Chef Florian, moreover, there goes wine pairing with different dishes. It’s not only a feast of vision and taste, but more like an impact on everyone’s sensations and mind, providing rich sensory experiences and exploring more possibilities of cooking.


MIROOD Caviar:來自裏海的頂級魚子醬

MIROOD Caviar: Top Caviar from the Caspian Sea


MIROOD Caviar米洛德魚子醬

Photo by MIROOD


MIROOD Caviar堅持選用來自裏海最頂級的原料製成魚子醬。約莫2600年前,波斯帝國(今伊朗一帶)的城市Miroud發現鱘魚的蹤跡,珍貴的魚卵製成魚子醬特別鮮美,因此Miroud就以產製魚子醬聞名於世。魚子醬不僅是美味的食材,因為具有恢復體力的功效,也被視為藥材加以運用,獨特的元素Omega-3可以保養肌膚,因此又有直接以魚子醬敷臉,或是製作成化妝品的用途。

MIROOD Caviar insists on using the best ingredients from the Caspian Sea to make caviar. About 2,600 years ago, people in the city of Miroud in the Persian Empire (in today's Iran) found traces of sturgeon. The caviar made from the precious roes of this fish is especially delicious, so this has made Miroud famous for producing caviar. Caviar is not only a delicious ingredient, but also used as a medicinal material because it has the effect of restoring physical strength. The unique element Omega-3 can maintain the skin, so it can be directly applied to the face or made into cosmetics.

伊朗北部、裏海南端一帶的水溫最適合圈養鱘魚,可說是鱘魚最好的棲息地,因此培養出最頂級的鱘魚品種──貝魯迦(Beluga),還有專業的鱘魚醫師及政府機構維護把關。魚子醬建議以「珍珠母貝」(貝殼)湯匙食用,避免使用金屬湯匙,因為魚子醬會吸收金屬味而失去原味。MIROOD Caviar的魚子醬都附有珍珠母貝湯匙,讓饕客品嚐最原始的魚子醬風味。


MIROOD Caviar米洛德魚子醬

Photo by MIROOD


The water temperature in northern Iran and the southern end of the Caspian Sea is the most suitable for captive sturgeon. It can be said that it is the best habitat for sturgeon. Therefore, the top sturgeon species, Beluga, has been cultivated, as well as professional sturgeon doctors and government agencies maintain and examine it. Caviar is recommended to be eaten with spoons that are made of ''mother-of-pearl'' (or shells). If using metal spoons, the caviar will lose its original taste by absorbing the metal taste. The caviar from MIROOD Caviar is accompanied by a mother-of-pearl spoon, allowing gourmets to taste the most original caviar flavor.



Savories, Desserts, Caviar and Table Wine: One great show coordinated by two chefs


''CAVIAR HIGH TEA'' by Dotard Village gives new vitality to the caviar. In many case on the luxury dining tables, caviar is more like a supporting role to eat separately from the main dish. But this time, these two chefs added the caviar directly to mix and match with other ingredients and bring up brand new aromas, textures, and flavors. It is extremely challenged to make it well-balanced between creating new flavors with other ingredients and retaining the original flavor of caviar. Aside from that, wine pairing could also be another interesting challenge. These two chefs seem to be easy and joyful to everyone, however they both have took a lot of effort behind the scenes, just in order to perfectly present an original yet sensational experience to all guests.




糊塗里私廚酒窖的主廚Ash,擁有西餐主廚十年的資歷,不僅專精於細緻的歐式料理,本身更是閱酒無數,精通餐酒搭配的各類學問。 由他所呈現三道鹹食,令人既滿足又難忘。 首先第一道是以布里歐許麵包作為底層,位於中層的主體為特選廣島牡蠣與白花椰菜泥,而最上層畫龍點睛的則是 MIROOD Baerii魚子醬佐阿里山生山葵,讓牡蠣和魚子醬中的海洋礦物質充分交融堆疊,帶出豐富而令人愉悅的鮮醇滋味。

Chef Ash of Dotard Village Club has over 10 years of experience on professional western and European dining, not even done excellent on cooking but also wine tasting and education. The first dish of three is having a base of brioche bread, and the center is firmed by applewood smoked oyster from Hiroshima, Japan, with puree by mashed white cauliflower and fennel. On the top there are MIROOD Baerii Caviar and raw wasabi from Alishan, Nantou. The aroma and taste of MIROOD Baerii caviar are perfectly matched in the chemistry with ocean minerals in oysters.


第二道則是以雞皮當作食用載體,以柚子醃製過的膨化雞皮與脆薄雞皮兩款不同口感風味的雞皮作為基底,並在MIROOD Baerii魚子醬下搭配築地雞、松葉蟹、日本山藥等一時之選,建構出令人一吃驚豔、滿足過癮的創新鹹香魚子醬佳餚。

The second dish by Chef Ash is served with two pieces based on chicken skin. At the left side we have puffed chicken skin picked by pomelo and young ginger. And the right side is crispy chicken skin with Tottori Matsuba Crab, Hinai chicken breast and Yam. and of course MIROOD Bearii Caviar. Chef Ash suggests every guest to dig in from the right to the left, so that we may perfectly enjoy the rich flavors, creamy taste, and the impact among different sensory layers.


第三道則是別出心裁的濃湯:以焦糖化洋蔥和栗子打成的泥,和魚子醬及洋菇在口裡溫醇地融合為一,沒有任何其他調味,成就這單純、乾淨卻讓人難忘的好滋味。而在品嘗這三道Ash獨門料理的同時,佐上義大利瑞瓦尼夏多內氣泡酒(Rivani CHARDONNAY VINO SPUMANTE EXTRA DRY),更加倍打開了豐富的味覺層次,讓賓客能感受到獨具匠心的創作靈感、追求極致的細膩味道,以及主廚Ash獻給賓客們豐富的巧思。

The third dish by Chef Ash is a thick soup with Mirood Sterlet Caviar. There are mushroom and onion cream which has grilled by caramelized onion and chest nut.

Its pretty simple and pure without any spices, while it has been well-memorized by every guest at the first mouthful.




緊接著是「丰子」品牌創辦人兼甜點主廚Florian Bourquin登場,看他將備好的食材擺上移動式餐車,上演一場又一場的精采料理秀。第一道料理以台灣芭蕉為主體,搭配魚子醬和自製的百香果香草醬。魚子醬選用的是MIROOD Sterlet魚子醬,它的特色是富有油脂感,因此在甜點的層次安排上先設計出一層乳滑(creamy)的質地作為基底來支撐,兩者相互搭配造就出最佳香氣/口感/風味層次。此外,Chef Florian也使用了分子料理手法將白巧克力製作成泡沫慕斯(espuma),整個過程不但吸睛,而且造就出輕盈的口感,為甜點的第一幕充分暖場。

Afterward here comes Chef Florian Bourquin who is the founder and dessert chef of the brand "Panoramix Project". He put the prepared ingredients on the tray cart as his stage of this amazing cooking show. The first course features Taiwanese bananas with caviar and homemade jam of passion fruit and vanilla. He selects MIROOD Sterlet caviar which is characterized by its rich oily texture and taste. Therefore, a creamy texture is designed as the base to support the layered arrangement of whole dessert. The combination and fusion turned into the best aroma, taste and flavor. In addition, Chef Florian also used molecular cooking techniques and made white chocolate into a foam mousse (espuma). The whole process was not only eye-catching, but also well-warming up the following scenes of cooking show. 


第二道則是使用桃園復興的五月桃與南投鹿谷的烏龍茶葉精製而成的五月桃烏龍果醬,搭配奶油乳酪慕斯,不但襯托出sterlet魚子醬的口感,同時也提供一點輕度鹹味以平衡味蕾,真是充滿巧思。喜愛親近自然的Florian,經常造訪台灣山區部落尋找靈感,這次不但可以品嚐到芭蕉和五月桃滿滿在地的台灣味,前兩道料理皆搭配初龜酒造的純米清酒(Pure Rice Sake by HATSUKAME),同時體驗原創料理融合清酒的獨特風味。

The second dish is composed by the jam of May Peach from Taoyuan and oolong tea leaves from Nantou, combining with cream cheese mousse which not only brings out the taste of MIROOD Sterlet caviar but also provides a slight salty taste balancing among taste buds, it’s just brilliant. Chef Florian likes to visit nature and the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan, which are the wonderful origin of inspiration. Now he leads every guests into brand new Taiwanese flavors and tastes. The first two dishes are paired with pure rice sake by HATSUKAME in Japan, bringing up unique flavors onto another level.


第三道開始前先啜一口勁味十足的冰凍琴酒(Frozen Gin Shot),除了具有清口的作用外,也是為了迎接口味較重、香氣濃郁的Baerii魚子醬。由於它的魚味(fishy)較明顯,Florian特地使用具有海藻味的靜岡抹茶泡沫來烘托,在各種強烈的鮮味衝擊之下竟然還形成了絕妙的協調感。主體是經典的森林香料薄脆餅乾,淡淡的鹹香更能襯托出Baerii魚子醬的風味,以不同的口感激盪出多重的味蕾火花。

Before the third course begins, Chef Florian made every guest took a shot of frozen gin, which not only clearing the mouth but also getting set for the stronger flavor of MIROOD Baerii caviar. Due to the stronger fishy taste, Chef Florian used Shizuoka matcha foam with seaweed flavor to balance and make a harmony under the impact of various strong and fresh flavors. Tasting with classic forest spice crackers, the light salty aroma completely brought out the flavor of MIROOD Baerii caviar into different layers.



Limited products have always been cruel! There was a guest who asked a question at the event: Where can these dishes be tasted later? It would make him very anxious if he can't enjoy in the future. ''CAVIAR HIGH TEA‘' held this time is only for three days. So, Florian seemingly playful answer ''Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, only in here''. This is surely the cruelest fact. Would you like to taste the creative dishes of the two chefs? There is still a chance. The theme of the next season will be the most famous red and white grape varieties. What kind of exciting activities will the private kitchen wine cellar bring? This is really looking forward to!



Ash :
糊塗里俱樂部/私廚酒窖 主廚
西餐主廚資歷 10年
西餐廚藝教學資歷 7年
餐酒搭配顧問資歷 6年

Florian Bourquin :
丰子/Panoramix Project 品牌創辦人
甜點界世界霸主:比利時 Pierre Marcolini 甜點主廚資歷 10年
LVMH 集團甜點品牌:COVA 台灣行政主廚



雲煙閣中的悠閒時光 _ 糊塗里 VIP 雪茄室

雲煙閣中的悠閒時光 _ 糊塗里 VIP 雪茄室

糊塗里的私人 VIP 雪茄室提供完美的聚會場所。高貴豪華的雪茄室中,有完整的空氣清淨設備,以及適合紳士們的優雅英倫風裝潢,置身其中無論洽談公私事,在悠閒的氛圍中談笑,配合一旁的酒窖佳釀,漫遊在微醺的風雅之中。糊塗里提供各式美饌、佳釀和雪茄,在舒適的私人空間款待您的賓客。
風味多變的酸菜魚料理 _ 細說它的前世今生

風味多變的酸菜魚料理 _ 細說它的前世今生


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