大道至簡的海闊天空 _ 赫赤.蒼黛:楊子雲個展

The vastness of the boundless sky with the simplicity of the Great Way

Yang Tzu-Yun Solo Exhibition


這次在糊塗里國際藝廊 Dotard Village Gallery 展出「赫赤.蒼黛:楊子雲個展」,而在與楊子雲先生的訪談過程中,感受到他身為藝術家不受拘束的開放心胸。他不斷接觸跨領域的藝術媒材,並拋棄傳統的侷限,大膽使用簡單線條與原始色塊,並談到他靈感的來源與即興的美學形式,最後形塑成背後擁有深厚文化涵養,卻「大道至簡」的藝術風格。

This time, " Yang Tzu-Yun Solo Exhibition" is being showcased at Dotard Village Gallery. During the interview with Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun, I felt his unrestricted and open-minded approach as an artist. He constantly explores various artistic mediums and discards traditional constraints, daringly using simple lines and primary colors. He talked about the sources of his inspiration and the spontaneous aesthetic forms that shape his artwork. Ultimately, he has developed a profound cultural background that manifests in his "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" artistic style.



Within imprecision, yet still adhering to the principles of art.



談及楊子雲先生的藝術理念時,他表示,用「藝術理念」來講太嚴肅,不如說,藝術對他而言是生命呈現的一部分面向,本次的展覽是輕鬆的、關於情感的一面。自己走的是跨領域的風格,因此表現較多元。最特別的是,他將傳統書法轉化為「現代書藝」,目前他的書法作品於台南的東門美術館展出,而糊塗里國際藝廊 Dotard Village Gallery 本次展出的是他十多年累積下來的精彩畫作。

When discussing Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun's artistic philosophy, he mentioned that using the term "artistic philosophy" sounds too serious. Instead, art is a part of his life's presentation, and this exhibition reflects a relaxed and emotional aspect. He pursues a cross-disciplinary style, resulting in a more diverse expression. Notably, he transforms traditional calligraphy into "modern calligraphy." Currently, his calligraphy works are exhibited at Tainan's Licence Art Gallery, while Dotard Village Gallery showcases his magnificent paintings accumulated over more than a decade.



Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun doesn't follow a realistic approach but positions his figurative art as a form of "transformative expressionism." This direct expression may have what some academic circles consider "imprecision," but he believes that such imprecision still withstands scrutiny based on artistic principles. He flexibly utilizes spaces of segmentation, concealing profound calligraphic skills behind simple lines and showcasing improvisational styles with bold primary colors. This combination allows even small paintings to emanate a strong aura.



Entering a state of selflessness, allowing inspiration to flow naturally.

方圓 03

《方圓 03》



According to Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun, he enjoys art that is interesting and evokes a sense of feeling. Each of his works has a unique and lifelike form, engaging in dialogue with the viewers. Regarding the source of his creative inspiration, he believes in starting from zero and entering a state of "emptiness," where inspiration naturally emerges.



This is somewhat similar to " sitting oblivion," immersing oneself in a state of selflessness. When the "self" seems to cease to exist, inspiration, or an "indescribable entity," sneaks in like a little mouse, assisting in completing the artwork. Therefore, his works differ greatly from rigorous academic styles. They are not sketched but intimately connected to his life experiences, emphasizing the tension, expressiveness, and infectiousness of the artworks.



The enlightenment of interdisciplinary, forming the aesthetics of improvisation.


顫 01

《顫 01》



Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun explores a cross-disciplinary and all-encompassing approach to art, seeking a "fundamental" essence. For instance, when discussing the origin of writing, while many consider oracle bone script as the starting point, he thinks it is insufficient and suggests tracing back to the most primal stroke of humanity. By further tracing back, it reaches the realm of the "Dao" (the Way). Thus, the presentation of art is a part of the Dao, and the most original form of calligraphy is that initial stroke of humanity. Art should return to its most primal state and recreate from there. With such ideas and enlightenment about "aesthetics" during his studies in cultural arts, he can deconstruct traditional calligraphy without limitations and simultaneously explore the realm of modern painting.



What is particularly unique is that Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun mentions the concept of "music" more frequently. It's hard to imagine the connection between calligraphy, painting, and music. However, he believes that a successful calligrapher must demonstrate musicality and a sense of rhythm. The composition of the artistic creation is a reflection of the world of life, and the broader the aspects the artist engages with, the better. Besides calligraphy and painting, Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun also delves into sculpture, music, and even dance. He collaborates with dancers to embody the spirit of modern calligraphy through bodily expressions. He has also organized "improvisational chanting" events with poet Zheng Chouyu and served as a "cross-disciplinary singer" for the event "Grand Earth Chanting - The Mad Night of Li Bai's Improvisation" at Zhongshan Hall. Together with instruments such as piano, flute, pipa, violin, and drums, they engage in "scoreless" improvisational performances.



Can improvisation make mistakes? Of course, it can! But such an art form brings a special sense of fulfillment to Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun. The spontaneity of the improvisational performance and the cross-disciplinary artistic style can bring freshness, new life, exploration, and new art forms, achieving true innovation and breakthroughs. If the result can score above 80, he is content. Perhaps it is this courage that allows him, as a calligrapher, to break free from the limitations of words and provide modern calligraphy with a more liberated space for expression. On the other hand, the artworks created with simple lines and blocks of color can convey a stronger tension and expressive power.



The simple yet profound style originates from a cultural cultivation in art.


鋒 04

《鋒 04》



It is commonly believed that the more complex and intricate the artwork, the stronger the impact or the deeper the meaning. Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun, however, believes the opposite. Why use a hundred words when one word can convey the message? Sometimes the feelings brought by a few volumes of novels are not as enlightening as the one or two words that a monk imparts to you in the present moment. Indeed, his artistic style gradually moves toward minimalism, but this "minimalism" is not merely about simplicity. Each stroke, each block of color holds profound meaning.



The ability and confidence to create boldly using simple lines and blocks of color stem from his mastery of art. Sometimes, the simpler an object appears, the more complex it actually is, representing the spiritual beauty that has been expressed through cultural cultivation. By discarding established traditional notions and ideological constraints, one can experience boundless freedom.



Appreciating Mr. Yang Tzu-Yun 's artworks allows one to truly grasp the meaning of "the greatest simplicity is found in the utmost profundity." This "utmost simplicity" may seem simple, but it is nurtured by rich knowledge and education. He believes that having a cross-disciplinary perspective gives birth to astonishing new life, and artists should continually cultivate their own depth and express it through their chosen mediums. This is what constitutes rooted art. Only such meaningful art forms can withstand the scrutiny and evaluation of generations.


顏 08

《顏 08》
| 赫赤 · 蒼黛 |
藝術家 : 楊子雲
展覽期間:2023.2.11 - 2023.2.25
主辦單位:東門美術館 x 糊塗里國際藝廊

Yang Tzu-Yun Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Period: February 11, 2023 - February 25, 2023

Exhibition Hours: 10:00 - 19:00 (Monday to Saturday)

Exhibition Venue: 1st Floor, No. 6, Lane 6, Xinzhong Street, Songshan District, Taipei City

Organizers: Licence Art Gallery & Dotard Village Gallery

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