咖啡之後  甜點接棒:D.G. Wander Dessert 吹起法式歐風

Desserts take over the trend after the coffee. The French and European styles in D.G. Wander Dessert.


D.G. Wander繼「漫遊咖啡」D.G. Wander Cafe & Club在4月份開張之後,新開幕的甜品店D.G. Wander Dessert於7月和大眾正式見面。有別於Cafe & Club的英倫風,Dessert以法式歐風的面貌呈現。

After the opening of D.G. Wander Cafe & Club in April, the newly opened dessert store D.G. Wander Dessert officially opened to the public in July. Different from the British style of Cafe & Club, D.G. Wander Desserts is presented in the appearance of French and European styles.



French and European styles with elegant design and exquisite decoration.




進到門內,一整片素雅的白色大理石牆面映入眼簾,感到身心舒暢,為接下來的甜點饗宴打下良好基礎。店內整體呈現法式歐風的設計感,精緻典雅的裝飾壁爐,是別出心裁的網美打卡牆,兩旁牆上擺掛著藝術家D.G. Lampaulus的畫作,充滿十足的藝文氣息。窗明几淨的另一側就是民生社區街道,也是取景拍攝的好選擇。

A whole piece of elegant white marble wall comes into view first when entering the store, which makes you feel comfortable physically and mentally, laying a good foundation for the next dessert feast. The overall design of the store presents the French and European styles. The exquisite and elegant decorative fireplace is an ingenious influencer check-in wall. The paintings of artist D.G. Lampaulus are hung on the walls on both sides, which are full of an artistic atmosphere. On the other side of the bright and clean windows is the street of the Minsheng Community, which is also a good choice for framing and shooting.



French desserts that are painstakingly made by the chef.

D.G. Wander Dessert以法式甜品為招牌。事實上,法式蛋糕Entremets與一般蛋糕有很大的不同,它是以慕斯和奶醬為主體,並以巧克力為基礎來裝飾和點綴,需要烘烤的部分不到2成;而盤式甜點(desserts à l'assiete / plated desserts)中又有著許多的變化,例如使用冰淇淋(glace)、雪酪(sorbet)等各種點心作搭配。法式甜點師要掌握的要領,可不是只有單純的烘焙而已,如何變化出相配的甜點組合,不但是考驗更費思量,因此法式甜點可說是一門關於餐飲的藝術。

D.G. Wander Dessert specializes in French desserts. In fact, Entremets, the French cake is very different from ordinary cakes. It is mainly composed of mousse and cream sauce and decorated with chocolate as the basis. The part that needs to be baked is less than 20%; There are also many variations in plated desserts (desserts à l'assiete in French). For instance, the use of glace, sorbet, and other desserts for matching. The essentials that a French pastry chef must master are not just simple baking. How to make a suitable new dessert combination is not only a task but a test of a dexterous mind. Therefore, French desserts can be said to be art about dining.


今日莓好覆盆子 / Raspberry mousse


DG經典巧克力 / 70% Classic chocolate



An opportunity to daily roam.


鳥嶼 / Formosa


D.G. Wander Dessert各種法式甜點,不但擁有吸睛的繽紛色彩,當中也蘊含著師傅們的匠心巧思,並承載著D.G. Wander的品牌精神 ── Make Happiness Happen。藝術家D.G. Lampaulus來到亞洲市場的第一站「台灣」,想起過往旅居各國的漫遊體悟,回憶生命中各種美好時刻。這樣的感觸便反應在重點商品「鳥嶼」上,外層圍繞著脆片的方正造型象徵我們生活的土地,而羽毛造型的裝飾,正是我們生活中的美好點滴。D.G. Wander希望透過日常中累積的點點滴滴,化作甜蜜的回憶,讓幸福就在生活裡觸動你我的內心,一小塊甜點便是這趟漫遊旅程的契機。

The various French desserts in D.G. Wander Dessert not only have eye-catching colors but also contain the ingenuity of the chefs, with the spirit of the brand D.G. Wander - Make Happiness Happen. Taiwan, the first stop that artist D.G. Lampaulus came to in Asia, has recalled his experience of traveling in various countries in the past and the beautiful moments in life. This feeling is reflected in the key product "Formosa". The square shape surrounded by chips on the outer layer symbolizes the land where we live, and the decoration in the shape of feathers is a beautiful snippet of our life. D.G. Wander hopes that the accumulated snippets and pieces in daily life can be turned into sweet memories so that happiness can touch our hearts in life. A small piece of dessert is the opportunity for this roaming journey.



A variety of desserts bring a rich feast of vision and taste buds


夏日青檸乳酪 / Lemon mousse


泰芒椰椰 / Mango with coconut milk



In addition, there is Lemon mousse, the best dessert in hot summer. The refreshing flavor of lemon brings out the thick and solid taste of cheese. It is a must-order for people who like sweet and sour; Mango with coconut milk, the exotic flavor from south Asia, combined with the elegance of French desserts. The outer layer is covered with mango sauce, and the black glutinous rice and coconut milk are used in the middle to create a rich taste; Raspberry mousse is a combination of a variety of wild berries to form another sweet and sour taste, with a red heart shape. You can enjoy it with yourself or give it as a gift to others; 70% Classic chocolate. The classic of chocolate lies in the sweetness it brings out from bitterness. Its rich flavor is created by 70% dark chocolate, and the biscuits with a crispy base, which make them a perfect match; Orange mousse, with orange as the base and a layer of thick mousse on the upper edge, The smooth taste feels like the warm afternoon sun. You can enjoy this pleasure with a cup of afternoon tea or coffee. If you would like to have some classic madeleines, brownies, or dacquoise, they are also available in our store. The colorful styles are changeable, and the flavor is unique. You can only know how delicious they are by tasting them yourself.



D.G. Wander Dessert從空間設計到甜品內容,融入法式的優雅與質感,伴隨D.G. Lampaulus的藝術創作,是D.G. WanderCafe & Club之後開啟的第二波漫遊之旅。透過不同的角度和觀點,體驗生活中的美好滋味,一盤精緻的法式甜點,就在不經意的日常中發現幸福。

From space design to the dessert, D.G. Wander Dessert incorporates French elegance, with the artistic creation of D.G. Lampaulus, it is D.G. Wander's second roaming trip after Cafe & Club. Through different perspectives and viewpoints, experience the good taste in life. You may find happiness in daily life inadvertently from an exquisite French dessert.



無論歡慶派對或部門聚餐 _ D.G. Wander私人包廂拉近彼此距離

無論歡慶派對或部門聚餐 _ D.G. Wander私人包廂拉近彼此距離

D.G. Wander Cafe & Club包廂


常在關注D.G. Wander Cafe & Club的朋友們,都可以感受到別出心裁的空間配置:「日與夜」的設計概念,其中蘊含著哪些玄機呢?
D.G. Wander Cafe & Club B1 包廂


D.G. Wander Cafe & Club坐落於台北市民生社區靜謐的巷弄內,延伸主題空間的概念,讓咖啡廳不只是咖啡廳,而是一處充滿趣味的休憩場域。B1設有VIP包廂可供團體包場,吸引目光的牆角一隅則有精美的概念展示櫃,讓相聚的時光更添高貴與氣派氛圍。未來亦將提供D.G. Wander自有品牌及客製化商品,甚至是空間設計等全方位的頂級服務。D.G. Wander Cafe & Club是高端客戶歡聚的品味場所,同時也是眾多雅士與文青的朝聖之地。

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