In the beginning, the universe was just endless darkness. Suddenly, a tiny light sparkled, and the universe has born. It was the beginning of all lives, but no one knows where it came from and why it was born. Everything was a mystery, just like life itself, a mystery for all the time.



We perceive everything with clear eyes, which we called “the window of the soul”, letting all figures and images enter our mind. For that reason our cognition of "world" has built. The state of nothing changed at the moment you opened your eyes. Meanwhile, things began to come into sight. All living things live and grow by its natural laws, like air stirred and turned to wind; grass and trees have grown and became flourished with water; fire burned things into ash and dirt; and the Mother Earth carries all living things.



The existence of universe is not taken for granted, however it defined by what we see with our own eyes. Man instinctively and curiously look and touch everything, and always try to understand the rules behind the world. However, these rules are too complicated to understand while we are too simple that behaving like a baby. We obtain consciousness from seeing things with eyes; however we can’t control things in it, therefore doubts arise, but no one knows how to solve them.



Even so, you already have the connection with universe, things keep growing and expanding at an extremely high speed, just like the Big Bang of the universe. At a flashy blink, numerous thoughts passing through the extensive network, and this is just like a magic: you would never know about its incalculable width and length, besides the more we think of it, the less we understand. The universe has its own consciousness, just like you have your own conscious. Man read the world by eyes, and the universe also has its "eye of infinite" that comprehend everything, no matter how things grow and fade.



You will gradually realize how small you are. Comparing with the universe, human beings live only for a tiny moment. Not even close to a single tick on a clock, not to mention there goes only one person! If we understand this truth, we do understand how insignificant and humble we should be. The sun will keep rising, the world will keep running, while none of all laws of nature will be changed by you and what you have done.



However, is this for real? Are we such powerless even being the wisest of all creatures? Don't forget that we have a pair of eyes with intelligence. We can never change the world alone, but we can definitely change the way of seeing and defining the world! The world is formed by what your eyes project into your heart. It would be hard for us to act and treat the world without eyes. Have you ever noticed about how you see and treat the world? And how do you feel and react to the world?



Many have said that " There is nothing new under the sun." Well, it could be true for those who live their lives insensitively. If you read the world with senses and creativeness, then even a grain of sand could be one’s whole world; and a flower could be a paradise to people. Beautiful things in life are always unlimited to discover, also there are countless meanings could be found through various points of view.



How the world looks like right depends on how you look and feel the world!




堅持信念朝目標邁進 _ 備受器重與信賴 _ 心臟必須夠大顆

堅持信念朝目標邁進 _ 備受器重與信賴 _ 心臟必須夠大顆

頭腦精明的天生領導者 _ 唯獨這點令人難以招架

頭腦精明的天生領導者 _ 唯獨這點令人難以招架

你所在的高度 _ 決定你視野的廣度

你所在的高度 _ 決定你視野的廣度


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