D.G. Wander ⎮在掙扎中求存的川里堤 / The Struggling-Survive Trinity



For Trinity, the creator who has seen through the end of the universe, would it be a blessing or a curse? We all know the story of the Greek mythology "Pandora's Box" when all the future becomes known, it is equivalent to losing all hope, which means, the beginning of destruction. This must be painful for Trinity.



In the vast and boundless universe, he is the only being who sees through everything, and the trajectory of all things is in his grasp. This made him extraordinarily lonely. Because of his god-like existence, no one can be the audience of his speech. He has seen all possibilities, even if the tragedy is a foregone conclusion, it cannot be undone. He must have grieved deeply, as if he had fallen into a dark abyss, bearing all the suffering alone. But in the meantime, he understood that this was the mission he had to undertake for the beginning of this created universe.



It is necessary to survive within struggle! Trinity, who drove Lucifer into hell, fell into a kind of pain that mortals could not understand. Lucifer was created by Himself, the most perfect angel in his eyes, but meanwhile, he saw the scene where Lucifer would fall to hell. How complicated would this feeling be? We, mortals, are unimaginable. The more struggle, the more pain. Trinity's grief is indescribable, and that's why. It has surpassed the realm of human comprehension since he is God, the only being with such power.



However, to be overwhelmed by this grief, or to seek a breakthrough, is self-determining. What does it mean to him that he must understand his role and the value he represents in this multiverse he has seen through? He must pass through this dark abyss of pain and realize that his life is destined to be different, he is unique in the universe, and he has to overcome many obstacles and grow in the dark abyss. he must accept and embrace it. He must embrace everything in this universe, whether good or evil, happy or sad, he must bear in general all pain and joy.



Since the universe itself can be said to be created by Trinity, he must accept everything it has created, including the principles of operation. All principles and phenomena are derived from the ebb and flow of yin and yang, positive and negative forces. He must grasp this principle, understand it thoroughly, and apply it so that all things can continue to flourish and multiply. Light and darkness, life and death, are one with two sides to Trinity, and he himself represents the sum of all these.



Would Trinity, who has been struggling, be defeated or experience a breakthrough? As a God, he must seek breakthroughs, and this power comes from the advice of the Mother of the Universe that the mission and suffering he must bear as the God of all things. As long as life has its ups and downs, he will experience sadness, escape, loss, and feelings of overwhelm. But overlooking the whole picture of the universe from a high-dimensional perspective, he gradually understood his mission. To make the universe develop in a balanced way, he must make trade-offs and commitments.



Trinity eventually understood that all the choices he made at the moment were the best results for the universe, as well as the inevitable result for the natural balance and development of the universe. That's why we often say: "Everything is the best arrangement".




你是否有這樣的基因 _ 都不滿於現況 _ 你的小王國因此而誕生

你是否有這樣的基因 _ 都不滿於現況 _ 你的小王國因此而誕生

當機器人取代人類 _ 未來世界的模樣是……

當機器人取代人類 _ 未來世界的模樣是……

哪一位古國王子 _ 化身成上億人的心靈導師

哪一位古國王子 _ 化身成上億人的心靈導師


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