All things in life rely on the functioning of nature. Even in modern society, we still hope that the climate can be mild, the extreme climate can be gradually improved, and the palliation of frequent heavy rain and drought caused by no rain. The animist thought believes that there are various guardian angels in nature, who are responsible for mastering the climatic changes of nature and the changes of the seasons.



With the foundation for the operation of nature, the humanistic society, therefore, has the possibility to establish and continue civilization. Modern scientific evidence believes that dinosaurs were wiped out by meteorites that fell to the earth; flood myths around the world also show that humans may have had a prosperous civilization 10,000 years ago, but the continuation of civilization was, however, cut off by floods; besides, various ice ages also dominated human civilization in history. At the beginning of civilization, climate change affected the survival of human beings, so there was imagination and reverence for the gods of nature such as "Feng Bo and Yu Shi(the gods of wind and rain)".



Modern people are often ignorant of the influence of nature on us. We always think that man can conquer nature and that the civilization created by human is better than everything, but the truth may be the opposite. As a result of over-reliance on machinery, continuous exposure to the sun and high temperature led to malfunction or abnormality of equipment, and the lack of proper drainage caused work to stop; heavy rains caused flooding in urban areas, and even reservoirs had to discharge floods. And when it is dry without rain, what we can only do is save water. It all depends on nature finally.



Why do leaders go to the temple at the beginning of the year to pray for "good weather, peace, and prosperity for the country"? It is because we all understand that the situation will be serious if the climate is terrible. Difficulties we might face include too many typhoons and not being able to eat fresh fruits during the season. Even worst, the metro system was once submerged in water in the past, can you imagine the transportation system without the metro today? If flash floods occur, the safety of remote villages is also affected. Or what if typhoons never come again? The tragic situation of using the bathtub to store water may be repeated.



Therefore, we revere nature, revere the patron saint in charge of nature. As the saying ''man proposes, God disposes'' goes, we appreciate their hard work to balance nature, to moderate rainfall and sunshine. The high-temperature warnings these days often show yellow, orange, and red lights in various cities. The extreme weather keeps people exhausted. When walking on the streets in such hot summer, it is often seen people sweating and struggling in unspeakable pain.



Extreme hot summer seems to become normal, and sometimes with too cold winter. It even snowed in Taipei a few years ago! To be optimistic, seeing snow in the subtropical plains may be romantic, but for those who are afraid of cold and have no heating equipment, it is somehow tortured. when only summer and winter exist, spring all the year round can only be seen in dreams.



How to stay calm in hot weather has also become a kind of knowledge today. Small electric fans become more common, even boxes for pets have dedicated fans; hand-shaken drinks become more popular, and the number of stores has increased rapidly; masks are also more functional and three-dimensional breathable mask is most liked by people; people who stay in rooms with air conditioner all-day seems a lot.



Human beings are clever to invent so many things to deal with those difficulties, but in our hearts, we still hope that the day when the cool wind blows slowly will come soon, and last longer; Not too many typhoons, two or three would be enough; Thunderstorms in the afternoon could happen later, so we won't get wet; the cold snap in winter could happen moderately, so we can welcome the arrival of spring.




探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

本專欄主要介紹藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的生活背景與創作理念,以及他的創作──探索宇宙和生命本質的神話小說畫集三部曲:關於「成長與信念」的首部曲《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》、圍繞著「愛與救贖」的二部曲《生命樹與智慧樹 Life Tree & Wisdom Tree 》,以及探討「命運與選擇」的三部曲《天國與地獄 Paradise & Underworld 》。
接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者

接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者




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