D.G. Wander ⎮宇宙有時 / Time in the Universe



Do you believe that the universe has its own arrangements? We often say: "Fate is in our own hands". But there is also a view that the trajectory of everything is already set, and we are just following it. Is that so?



Compared with the vast universe, human beings are too tiny! If we try to calculate the history of human beings in the universe, there is just like a second in a day. Thinking of this, we humans have to be humble in the face of the universe because of our fleeting and insignificant lives. But on the contrary, precisely because life is so short, we should cherish every moment we meet with each other, because whether we love each other or not in this life, we will probably never meet again in the next life.



Just as the four seasons have their cyclical changes, the universe itself has its laws of operation. We came into existence according to this law and the time schedule it laid out. It is such a brief moment in the history of the universe. We often have disputes or even conflicts over trivial matters. If you think about it from another perspective, ''I only appear for a moment anyway, and it seems that there is nothing to argue about''. Turn big problems into small ones, and small problems into no problems at all. It is not because of a negative attitude, but because we have an open-mindedness in our hearts. What to fight for? It is better to cherish our life in other ways.



The encounter between people seems to be accidental, but in fact, it is inevitable. Some people see this as a "destiny theory" that ''if everything has been arranged, what are we worth working on?'' Everything is one with two sides. If we look at life from this perspective, we will cherish the time of life and our relationship with each other more. Come to think of it, when is the next time we meet? Even family members who see each other every day are separated due to some factors, and even will never see each other again. Some people would say that it is unlucky to think this way, but it is possible to analyze purely rationally. Just because the odds are so small, people often turn a blind eye to this possibility.



If you believe in fate, the better you will be at timing. There is a way of life that treats every day as if it were the last. It sounds absurd at first, but it is actually philosophical that ''who can guarantee that today is definitely not the last day in this world?'' So instead of this, we should cherish every day, do what we love, and live our life to the fullest! The so-called "Time in the Universe" means that the universe has already arranged how much time we have and all our actions are arranged in the timetable that interacts with the actions of others, forming this ever-changing universe. Everything has a time course.



Among the countless chances, the encounter between people is only once. In the history of the cosmos, it is as short as the blink of an eye. What is the reason not to cherish it? Do we still have time to hurt each other? However, we usually cannot realize this, so, we live in the script of our own imagination. Because this is a narrow vision and full of egoism and prejudice, many people live very hard and even feel tired.



Try to live in the script of the universe as it is and follow its guidance to make decisions. Maybe you will live easier and happier in another position. At this time, your level of consciousness will be improved. Get rid of the contradictions and entanglements of the little self, and connect with the big self, your vision will be different, and the world would change because of this!




你是否有這樣的基因 _ 都不滿於現況 _ 你的小王國因此而誕生

你是否有這樣的基因 _ 都不滿於現況 _ 你的小王國因此而誕生

當機器人取代人類 _ 未來世界的模樣是……

當機器人取代人類 _ 未來世界的模樣是……

哪一位古國王子 _ 化身成上億人的心靈導師

哪一位古國王子 _ 化身成上億人的心靈導師


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