Humans always yearn for the Garden of Eden, which was once so pure and flawless, free from fatigue and pain, and always happy like heaven. Most importantly, life there is eternal, there is no threat of death, and can be spent forever in this blissful pure land.



So why does human life come to an end? According to mythology, Adam and Eve stole the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, possessing knowledge and the ability to distinguish between good and evil, but they were therefore expelled from the Garden of Eden by God. Since then, human beings have had the free will to pursue knowledge, which is not allowed, so the lifespan of human beings is now limited. "Having knowledge" seems to be the privilege of human beings in nature, though other creatures have similar abilities, but there is no creature like human beings who have such diverse and rich knowledge to rule all things.



However, many ancient civilizations have shown that the transmission of knowledge is not guaranteed to last forever. For example, the pyramid civilization of ancient Egypt is still not fully understood by today's human beings. How many civilizations and science technology were buried in the sunken Atlantis? Flood myths around the world also present that there was a period when mankind seemed to be facing a devastating world flood. And the tower of Babel made it impossible for mankind to communicate in the same language.



We rely too much on our own ability to learn and strong desire. Considering the lessons of the rupture of these ancient civilizations, we should be more humble, humble to the environment, humble to nature, and humble to all things in the universe. We must not lose the advantage of having knowledge because of our arrogance. We have the greatness of civilization, but the loss of civilization can also be a momentary thing, and the recent war has also reminded us that excessive civilization can also be a kind of destruction.



But after thinking about it, the rupture of civilization seems to be predictable. If human civilization can continue to be passed on through the reproduction of future generations, it is equivalent to gaining immortality. There is also a "tree of life" in the Garden of Eden, which is about spiritual advancement and the pursuit of eternal life, which is also forbidden. If human beings have the free will to pursue knowledge and have eternal life at the same time, is their rank equal to God? Is there someone who is preventing such an outcome from happening to the rupture of human civilization?



Whether God really exists or not, the answers vary from person to person. But it seems that someone is preventing human beings from becoming God or even taking God's place. As a result of pursuing civilization too much, human beings have been attacked by their own civilization, and only cruel facts like war have been derived. Therefore, a trend of returning to the basics has arisen, advocating that human beings should return to a pure paradise like the Garden of Eden. Even if such a place cannot be found in reality, they should seek it in their hearts and let themselves return to innocence.



Modern society is too complex, and some people have begun to yearn for the primitive era, living a life like seclusion, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the real world, just like living in the Garden of Eden, isolated from the world. This seems to be fine too. We cannot accurately judge what kind of outlook on life is correct. After all, this is a pluralistic and open society. However, whenever a force goes to an extreme, an opposite force must arise. That is certain, like "seeking the Garden of Eden" in modern times.




探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

本專欄主要介紹藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的生活背景與創作理念,以及他的創作──探索宇宙和生命本質的神話小說畫集三部曲:關於「成長與信念」的首部曲《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》、圍繞著「愛與救贖」的二部曲《生命樹與智慧樹 Life Tree & Wisdom Tree 》,以及探討「命運與選擇」的三部曲《天國與地獄 Paradise & Underworld 》。
接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者

接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者




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