There are rights and wrongs in this world, but in fact they are all determined by our own subjectivity. There might really be "truth", but with the limited reason of human beings, can we really reach the realm of truth? I am afraid there are still many difficulties to that need to be overcome.



Good and evil is a result of convenient, a concept that we have created for the convenience of categorizing things. For instance, good people, behavioral bias, immoral behavior, and the saying that we must follow the spirit of saint. We define good and bad with subjective cognition, but in fact, there is no real judgment criteria. Even is there is, it is not something that humans can define and judge arbitrarily. Therefore, there is a saying of ''Beyond Good and Evil'', the real "truth" transcends good and evil. Anything that goes into the level of good and evil is not the truth.



Are good and evil necessarily opposites? They are relative concepts. No one is totally good or evil. Good people may not stay good forever, bad people may have conscience. In addition, who shall be the one to define "good" and "evil"? It's all about our limited cognition. knowledge has a limit for everyone, the horizon cannot be infinitely broad, we even not yet understand things beyond the universe. there is always something that is better than us, and many things that are mysterious and incomprehensible.



There are very few things that humans can control. Man proposes, God disposes. In the face of the huge world, the only thing you can do is to do your best, and whether it can be accomplished or not, depends on the arrangement of fate. The world is eternally changing, and we are not in control.



Some may surrender when facing this situation, because they do not willing to waste their energy to do uncertainty things. Or they are weak will, giving up fighting against the huge force due to the laborious it may bring and the difficulties of success. But on the contrary, there are also people who want to fight till the end! They are competitive, acting in accordance with their own desires, and be fond of the joy and pleasure of winning. They don't usually appear very positive, but they never give up. As long as they seize the opportunity, they fight hard.



Everything changes in balance, the rise of a force also means brewing to another, waiting for the best time to replace it. The so-called ''invincible'' which means that as long as there is a battle, there are people who have strong desire to join. This is their field. People who have buddha-like mindset may not understand this way of life, but these competitors do exist, most of the famous people in history have this kind of personality.



It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. This sentence that written in literary masterpieces always apply. In the previous era, one person may has the final say, but what about the present? Everyone has a voice, and any knowledge we learned can be subverted in an instant. It is gradually become a norm that we each express our own opinion, evaluate evidence freely. Is this good or bad? You shall not step back to the beginning, the limited by the narrow vision. Only by constantly training your own thinking ability, discerning truth, and even transcending right or wrong and good or evil, to truly understand everything.




堅持信念朝目標邁進 _ 備受器重與信賴 _ 心臟必須夠大顆

堅持信念朝目標邁進 _ 備受器重與信賴 _ 心臟必須夠大顆

頭腦精明的天生領導者 _ 唯獨這點令人難以招架

頭腦精明的天生領導者 _ 唯獨這點令人難以招架

你所在的高度 _ 決定你視野的廣度

你所在的高度 _ 決定你視野的廣度


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