Contemplation is a profound self-exploration after various conflicts and contradictions. The power of meditate is extraordinarily strong, and it is also one ability which is quite-easily ignored by every modern human.



Modern society is divided into many small and minor things, and it makes you changed from complete to pieces. It’s not easy to maintain the complete you because shit happens from time to time, and you would miss out the best timing for healing yourself. Busying with no purpose and benefit is awful, such as spending your time on wrong people and meaningless agendas. Sounds familiar right? Almost everything works this way in modern society.



Fortunately, we have ability to contemplate. The benefits of contemplation have been discovered very early, and it is a Predominant tradition in the ancient Greek and Roman periods. Philosophers who debate well are also excellent contemplators. Marcus Aurelius, the emperor of the Roman Empire, authored a book called "The Meditations"; the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin, the most well-known masterpiece is " The Thinker ". All kinds of deeds about contemplation can be seen everywhere in human history.



However, do you meditate before going to work? Do you meditate at work? Do you meditate after getting off work, even as tired as a dog? Unfortunately, Modern people are not like the idle philosophers of ancient times. Many of them said that they only work 3 hours a day. Of course, they have plenty of time to think about anything! However, no matter how busy or tired, some people still go to the gym. On another hand, you may meditate no matter how busy or tired you are.



Let's go back to ancient Greece. After all, this is one of the origins of human civilization. The Temple of Apollo, listed as a World Heritage Site, is engraved with a motto: "Know thyself. " Know yourself! This sentence is actually engraved on the temple of ancient Greece! Are you surprised or even confused? Recall back to our school days, you need to fill applications for college and courses, and there are also some courses related to "life planning"… In fact, these are all relevant to "Know thyself."



We can never plan well for school or work while we don’t know ourselves. If you don't know yourself, you could never locate the direction of life; If you don't know yourself, we could never find your own way out and you'll hit a wall wherever you go. To find the direction of life, first we must know ourselves, and to know ourselves well, we may start with contemplation!



Modern society is changing too fast, and the complicated information is constantly coming in like a flood. It makes us exhausted on absorbing and digesting it already, how can we have spare energy to produce new things? People’s attention is constantly being distracted, and our minds are endlessly chased by infinitely proliferating things. You need to make a choice to slow down and be still, see your self-reflection, and get closer to your mind and know yourself much more.



Meditation calms us down and gives us more time to think out of the box. This is not a passive act, but a way of gaining wisdom through thinking. Leisure contemplation brings inspiration. This apocalyptic inspiration is difficult to process in busy time. It is more likely to appear suddenly when you are meditating.



We hope you can learn more about yourself and discover things much more than you expected from meditations.




堅持信念朝目標邁進 _ 備受器重與信賴 _ 心臟必須夠大顆

堅持信念朝目標邁進 _ 備受器重與信賴 _ 心臟必須夠大顆

頭腦精明的天生領導者 _ 唯獨這點令人難以招架

頭腦精明的天生領導者 _ 唯獨這點令人難以招架

你所在的高度 _ 決定你視野的廣度

你所在的高度 _ 決定你視野的廣度


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