The power of the dark abyss is very powerful. There are times when people fall into emotional whirlpools, and once they fall into it, they cannot extricate themselves. It must take some effort to get out of the extreme state. An indescribable intense emotion burns and spreads like a prairie fire. You cannot stop it but only watch it extended around.



''When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you.'' This is the famous saying of the German philosopher Nietzsche. The dark abyss will not passively wait for you, it will actively find you. When you are bewitched by it, it will pull you down to the depths, and you will never escape its clutches. This fatal attraction comes from people's madness. Crazy persistence attracts the dark power especially. The deeper the obsession, the stronger the attraction will be. You will eventually be completely controlled by it and cannot escape. So the abyss becomes like a black hole, it will absorb all kinds of negative emotions, and will also stumble you and make you unable to move.



Everything comes from endless desire. When the desire is endless, the bottomless of the abyss will continue to absorb energy. People with strong desires use all means to obtain what they like, especially power, money and fame, which are all related to strong desires. Why does the world always go to great lengths to obtain these false appearances? I am afraid that people who are indifferent to fame and fortune always cannot figure it out. Because desire comes from the deepest abyss of human nature.



The reason why Lucifer was put in hell by God was that she was too greedy for power. She was jealous of God having overall authority, that's why she wanted to challenge his power. Excessive desire makes her fascinated by power, and she can no longer bear the madness. The obsession with self-belief made her fall into the abyss, unable to get out of the whirlpool of emotions and see clearly, there is an invisible barrier covering her. There was no turning back if one step forward, but unfortunately, she still stepped out in the end.



Everyone wants to prove their beliefs, which is originally a value encouraged by our culture, but once the road leads you astray and diverges, you may fall into the dark abyss without knowing it. It lures you towards it unknowingly, and when succeeded, you are in a daze and stuck in a quagmire that is unable to move. Your consciousness is still believing in your own belief, desperate to prove its correctness. But what you don’t know is that the surrounding environment has already changed, and you have fallen into the black abyss without noticing.



The result you get at all costs is the so-called madness that interests the abyss to absorb its nutrients just like a black hole. Being madness with something sounds especially terrifying, but the words ‘’falling’’ and ‘’sinking’’ are also being glorified by people. No one has really seen the appearance of hell, the people who have fallen into it never returned. It will lead to irreversible in the end and you cannot restore the situation by using any means.



Fortunately, most people do not end with it. We are rational, and there are people around us who can help us perceive the situation. Even if we do not realize it, as long as we have the possibility of thinking, we can stop things from going backward. Still, I admire Nietzsche's age-old saying, which keeps us on our toes and glances back from time to time, to see where we've come and where we're going.




探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

本專欄主要介紹藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的生活背景與創作理念,以及他的創作──探索宇宙和生命本質的神話小說畫集三部曲:關於「成長與信念」的首部曲《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》、圍繞著「愛與救贖」的二部曲《生命樹與智慧樹 Life Tree & Wisdom Tree 》,以及探討「命運與選擇」的三部曲《天國與地獄 Paradise & Underworld 》。
接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者

接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者




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