Lucifer, many people equate him with the devil and Satan, but to be correct, he should be a "fallen angel". Although he has fallen, he was once an angel, and he was only under one God and above all people. He was the proudest creation of the creator and the head of all the angels. Such an existence used to be the leader of the gods, but there is only a thin line between the degenerate into a devil!



The origin of all things is good. It is said that everything comes from light, just like opening a hole in the state of chaos, there is light when there is a hole. The Archangel brought genial warmth and gave happiness to people in the world. He is the most special existence, a beauty that mortals cannot reach. Sunlight can nurture all things, and all things grow and multiply under the nourishment of sunlight, and thus create today's wonderful world. All this stems from the truth, goodness and beauty bestowed by the universe.



However, such a wonderful world still has to rely on humans to complete it. We should affirm our own efforts, especially the efforts of our ancestors. No matter whether Prometheus stole fire from heaven or not, human beings have mastered the world with their ingenuity. We have invented various tools with our flexible hands, which not only improved our lives, but also began to have civilization, which has made extraordinary achievements today. As the intelligent part of the universe, we have the power to create a world that belongs to human beings, and find a way to divide labor, accumulate and create more energy, and establish a happy and beautiful ideal country.



But think about it another way: is it really a good thing to have so much power? We construct and even transform the world according to our imagination; modern people are busy creating everything every day and forget the simple beauty of the world. Lucifer's example reminds us that the greater the power, the prouder you are in your heart; the higher the standing, the easier it is to fall. We shaped the world the way we want, but is life better? If not, will it be a waste of time in the end? Humans seem to have too much power and abuse this power, forgetting the original purpose of making themselves happier and the world a better place.



Humans are so smart that they think they are omnipotent. In the face of the enormous force of nature, or the gears of fate, human beings are powerless to resist. It sounds like destiny, or fatalism, but in fact there is a limit to what humans can grasp. Power is indeed very useful. When you have it, you can be invincible in all directions, but as the saying goes ''when things reach their peak, power is like quicksand that cannot be grasped.'' The upper class looks majestic, but there are also many nobles whose families are down and have nowhere to go. Compare Lucifer's history, isn't it very appropriate? A beloved god, once astray, everything changed.



We should be fortunate of having so much power and cherish to make good use of it. We can fulfill ourselves, care for our families, help our friends, contribute to society, and make the world a better place. It's time to look at your power as a human being! what can you do? What should be done? Only by picking out suitable options, making good use of the power of the intelligent part of the universe and living in harmony with nature, can we prolong the history of human existence on earth and allow civilization to continue.




探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

探索宇宙和生命的本質:D.G. Lampaulus 的神話小說畫集三部曲

本專欄主要介紹藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的生活背景與創作理念,以及他的創作──探索宇宙和生命本質的神話小說畫集三部曲:關於「成長與信念」的首部曲《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》、圍繞著「愛與救贖」的二部曲《生命樹與智慧樹 Life Tree & Wisdom Tree 》,以及探討「命運與選擇」的三部曲《天國與地獄 Paradise & Underworld 》。
接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者

接下任務的挑戰 _ 了解命運並堅定前行的勇者




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