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Most people nowadays live busy lives day by day, but sometimes there are some brilliant inspirations and ideas flashed across our mind for only a few seconds. Would you like to capture them in the frozen time? The only thing you have to do is leave all your troubles in life behind, and simply look into the peaceful world deep in your heart.   



The world that spreading out in our hearts

D.G. Wander以藝術文化作為橋樑,安放現代人疲累的心,藉此感受日常的幸福。藝術究竟在日常生活中扮演什麼樣的角色?D.G. Wander相信,藝術之美能帶來幸福感。只需要敞開心胸、睜開內心之眼,接受藝術所帶來的感官體驗,你的心境自然會產生改變。

D.G. Wander takes art and culture as a bridge to connect and relieve the weary hearts of modern people and turn to be able to experience happiness easily in daily lives. How does art play such a role in people’s life? D.G. Wander believes that the beauty of art brings happiness. Just open your heart and eyes, accept the pure sensory experience from art, and your mood will be gradually changing.  


D.G. Wander 期望你我能超越眾多限制,而與不同的人、事、物,調整不同的頻率順利溝通,就如同喚醒你感受世界的內心之眼:「松果體」。這位於我們前額肌理內的小核,蘊藏著人類尚未開發的無限潛能!只要開啟它,你就能開啟更多與世界溝通的頻率,進而察覺事物的本質,以更宏觀的視野及多維度的視角觀看世界。

D.G. Wander believes that you and I can transcend the limitations, communicate smoothly with different people and surroundings, and adjust distinct frequencies, just like awakening your inner eye to feel the world: "Pine Gland". This small nucleus located in the texture of our forehead contains unlimited human potential! As long as you wake it up, you can explore more frequencies of communication and interaction with the world, then perceive the essence of things, and view the world from a macroscopic and multi-dimensional perspective.  


你我都擁有一個屬於自己的小世界。你的視野與心靈有多「豐富」,這個世界便有多寬闊。要如何擴展這個心靈小世界,能否喚醒沉睡已久的「松果體」便是一個極為重要的關鍵。D.G. Wander 以藝術文化作為媒介,並自許成為藝文界的領航者,喚醒你眾多的感官體驗,讓美學帶給你豐富的心靈饗宴。

You and I both have a little world of our own. The more varied your vision and mind are, the wider the world will be. How to expand this small world of the mind, whether to wake up the long-sleeping "pineal gland" is an extremely important key. D.G. Wander uses art and culture as a medium and assumed himself to be a leader in the art and literature world. Awakening your colorful sensory experiences, and letting aesthetics bring you a spectaculars spiritual feast.  



Comprehension comes with the beauty of art



疫情使得全世界都停了下來,但也是藝術家D.G. Lampaulus 重新調整步伐、沉澱自我的新契機。長期旅居海外的他,將過去所學、所領悟的人生歷程,捕捉難以忘懷的片刻,轉化成為自己的藝術創作,以再現當時的微妙心境,同時也在D.G. Wander各項服務與商品中完美表達與呈現,這些都為我們帶來意想不到的驚喜與趣味。

The epidemic has stagnated the whole world, but it is also a brand-new opportunity for artist D.G. Lampaulus to readjust his pace and precipitate himself. Having lived overseas for a long time, he captures the unforgettable moments of the life process he has experienced and comprehended in the past and transformed them into his own artistic creations. He records and rebuilds those states and experiences, and even turns into various services and products of D.G. Wander. All of these come into the gifts and surprises that we would love to share with you.  


其中神話小說畫集《川里堤與路西法》(Trinity & Lucifer),許多大眼睛的可愛天使就在咖啡廳 Olive Black Original Coffee X 糊塗里 Dotard Village 守護著你,療癒就在不知不覺中展開,身心靈也在其中取得平衡。這些畫作都是D.G. Lampaulus向眾人溝通的管道,為現代人的精神層次帶來幸福的禮讚,而在心靈枯竭之時亦有甘泉解渴。而書中融合東西方的文化精髓,以淺顯易懂的文字與圖畫,來道出世界的演進過程,以及其中所蘊含的至簡大道。藉由深沉的探索,提出對於生命意義的省思與人文關懷。D.G. Wander所承載的是這樣積極進取的精神,是生活中隱而不顯卻極其重要的價值取向。

Among them, the painting collection and mythology novel:Trinity and Lucifer, many cute angels with big eyes from the book are guarding you in Olive Black Original Coffee X Dotard Village. The healing unfolds unconsciously, and the body and mind are also balanced. These paintings by D.G. Lampaulus are also the way to communicate with everyone since he would like to bring people happiness in a spiritual way, especially who goes tired and exhausted in life. The book Integrating the cultural essence of the East and the West, with words and pictures that can be understood easily. It describes the evolution of the entire world and the simplified implication that contained. Through deep exploration, reflection, and humanistic care for the meaning of life are put forward. This is the actual spirit that D.G. Wander presents, cares and gives, with such a hidden but great value in our life. 



New perspective after cultural impact and integration:Wandering in progress

除了圖文並茂的畫集之外,D.G. Wander 官方網站提供與眾不同的深度專欄,和各種最新的生活資訊,豐富你的心靈生活;並與集團旗下多方事業體合作,例如糊塗里團隊,結合美食微醺與藝術文化的跨領域體驗,就充分地整合藝文生活與飲食文化。

In addition to the illustrated collections, D.G. Wander's official website provides unique in-depth columns and various latest life information to enrich your spiritual life. He also cooperates with various business entities under the group such as the Mutuli team, which combines food, wine drinking, and cross-field experience with artical culture together, and fully integrates art, culture, and life. 



D.G. Wander所延伸的「漫遊」可以是生活中的美食、微醺、藝文、旅行等等,這些元素在不同文化之間互相激盪後,產生出的全新觀點,也就是最初的那「靈光一閃」。D.G. Wander讓稍縱即逝的感悟得以再現,讓藝術不再只是高尚的玩物,而就在社區巷弄裡,就在你我之間。於是,漫遊成為「現在進行式」,是現代人生活中不可或缺的一部分。

The concept of " Wandering " extended by D.G. Wander goes all around in food, wine, art, travel and many more in life. After these elements stirred with each other from different cultures, new points of view are generated, which all came from the original inspirations and regarding. D.G. Wander recreates them for all kinds of audience and turn arts from noble treasures to living gifts in our communities. Therefore, " Wandering " has become in progress and also necessary in modern people’s life.  


藝術需要想像力,而想像力往往能激發出無限的潛能與創造力。這就是D.G. Wander想要傳達的,透過藝術使心境轉換,運用想像力獲得精神的慰藉,巧妙抓住生活中的吉光片羽,為眾人創造出幸福感。D.G. Wander 期望你我能以更寬廣的頻率感受世界,邀請你一同參與文化、味蕾、藝術、時尚、生活、心靈……等多重的饗宴,享受舒適自在的美好時光。期待你能用嶄新的眼光,讓你的小世界變得更寬闊、更豐富。你會發現,幸福將在不經意的眼前浮現,生活中的美好就在此刻誕生。

Art needs imagination, and imagination usually bring up unlimited potential and creativity, and this is just what D.G. Wander wants to convey. Change your mood through arts, use your imagination to get your mind and heart comfort, skillfully capture the precious inspirations in life, and create happiness for everyone. D.G. Wander expects that you and I can experience the world with a wider frequency, and so invite you to participate in multiple feasts such as culture, taste buds, art, fashion, life, and spirit... and enjoy a cozy and comfortable time. Hoping that you can use a new vision to turn your small world wider and richer. You will find that happiness will emerge in the eyes inadvertently, and the beauty in life will be born at this moment.

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