Tranquil BurdenJhu Lian Solo Exhibition


本次糊塗里國際藝廊 Dotard Village Gallery 帶來了藝術家朱理安的個展,展名為「恬謐的負荷」。朱理安透過經由心象所觀察後的身體,表達出對於自我以及世界的探索,並將生活中的沉重負荷,透過藝術創作安靜地承受與消化,最後轉化為恬謐的內心世界。讓我們來細細觀賞她的作品。

The Dotard Village Gallery is currently hosting an individual exhibition by artist Jhu Lian titled "Tranquil Burden." Jhu Lian expresses her exploration of self and the world through the observation of the body via imagination, quietly enduring and digesting the heavy burdens of life through artistic creation, ultimately transforming them into a tranquil inner world. Let us carefully appreciate her works.



The use of low-saturation colors represents the process of self-exploration.




For artist Jhu Lian, painting is a form of introspection, a focus on the state of being as a human. It is evident that her works lean towards low-saturation colors. Since she is exploring her inner self, particularly the subtle aspects deep within, vibrant colors and noisy elements seem unsuitable for such occasions.


 《觸碰過後的那份重量 #2》"#2 The Weight After Touch"


以《流變》為例,她思考的是無意識下的產物,讓不可見變得可見,讓不可知的事物變得逐漸可以理解。而《觸碰過後的那份重量 #2》,則是探討與每個人的相遇,在觸碰過程中那些不太清楚的部分,這幅畫甚至有點用灰階的色彩來呈現。朱理安所要呈現的主題,與她使用的色彩有著密切的關係。

Take "Transformation" as an example. She contemplates the products of the unconscious, making the invisible visible and gradually comprehending the unknown. On the other hand, "#2 The Weight After Touch" explores the unclear aspects of encounters with others, even using grayscale colors to depict it. The themes Jhu Lian presents are closely related to the colors she uses.



The integration of self and nature: the relationship between humans and the external world.

《白雪讓大地沉睡》"The White Snow Puts the Earth to Sleep"



Due to the ever-changing process of imagination and inner perception, Jhu Lian translates and interprets them, making the body encompass both the self and the external world. What kind of imagery emerges when emotions manifest on the body? This state of human existence is also a topic she wishes to explore.


《走入山海》"Entering the Mountains and Seas"



For example, "The White Snow Puts the Earth to Sleep" is one of Jhu Lian's favorite works. In a vast expanse of white snow, human existence appears as a tiny gray zone. She describes it as if the earth is covered with a thick blanket, gradually dimming the vibrant colors of the world. On the other hand, "Entering the Mountains and Seas" is a profound piece where the mountains and seas seem to be in a state of flux compared to human existence, much like the wandering thoughts of the mind, journeying to an imaginary place. Through this painting, she speculates on what landscapes travelers might encounter.



Embrace: The most sincere emotion between people.

《沒事的》"Everything's Fine" 



The exhibition includes two artworks with the theme of "embrace," highlighting the special significance of "embrace" as a bodily expression of emotions. It is an exploration of the connection between people, visually expressed through bodily imagery. Therefore, she records the interactive relationships she has with others, expressing them through the imagery of embraces.


《擁上一股暖意》"Embracing a Warmth"



"Everything's Fine" captures her feelings of sudden loss of loved ones, expressed through the embrace of two individuals assuring each other that "everything's fine." Though the composition is simple, it carries a deeply moving emotional essence. "Embracing a Warmth" portrays her sincere friendship with a companion, documenting the impact of others in her surroundings and the changes within herself, gradually becoming aware of her own state. Jhu Lian presents her ideal form of "embrace" in these works.



Transforming heavy burdens into tranquil states of mind.


Jhu Lian also mentioned a shift in her creative mindset over the past three years. Previously, her focus was on self-exploration and exploration of the world. Recently, it has become more of a way to release and express emotions. Faced with overwhelming emotions that life couldn't bear, she turns to painting to reflect on herself and care for her own feelings, an experience she had never felt before.


《關係中的缺席 #2》"#2 Absence in Relationships" 


《關係中的缺席 #2》像是在安撫自己的肢體語言,缺席的那個部分亦是你我所缺失的,被遺留在一處寂寥之所,朱理安將它視為「自由的淨土」,是孤獨靈魂的唯一出處,也是唯一破解生命虛無的方式。我們能看到她心境上的轉化,雖然是缺失的部分,但不完全是負面的評價,有時缺失反而是一種尋找自由之地的契機。

"#2 Absence in Relationships" is like soothing her own body language. The absence represents what is missing for both you and her, left behind in a lonely place. Jhu Lian views it as a "free pure land," the sole source for a lonely soul and the only way to unravel the void of life. We can see the transformation in her state of mind. Although it represents a missing part, it is not entirely negative. Sometimes, the absence becomes an opportunity to search for a place of freedom.


《流手汗的人》"The Sweaty Hands"



The artwork "The Sweaty Hands" represents her nervousness and anxiety. From facing exam papers since childhood to experiencing social situations in adulthood, her hands would always "sparkle with dazzling water light" - that's how she describes it. This signifies that her experiences are not merely heavy burdens; she also transforms this heaviness into a tranquil state of mind. This is the origin of the exhibition's title, " Tranquil Burden."



Each artwork is like a mirror. Through her creations, the artist leads us to see our bodies observed through the lens of our imagination, becoming aware of our internal perceptions and the interconnectedness of the self and the external world. Through this process, emotions extend from within and connect to bodily sensations and interactions between individuals, just like the continuous flow of running water. Art is not only a bridge to explore the self and the world but also a catalyst for transforming life's burdens into a tranquil state of mind. This is what the artist Jhu Lian wants to convey through her paintings, her perspective on art. Of course, viewers have their own interpretations of each artwork. However, for her current stage, the primary motivation for her creation is to "quietly endure" certain things that require digestion.


展覽名稱:恬謐的負荷.Tranquil Burden
藝術家: 朱理安 Jhu Lian @lianjhu
展覽期間:2023/05/06 - 2023/07/01

Exhibition Title: Tranquil Burden

Artist: Jhu Lian @lianjhu

Exhibition Period: May 6, 2023 - July 1, 2023

Exhibition Hours: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Exhibition Venue: Dotard Village Gallery (1st Floor, No. 6, Lane 6, Xinzhong Street, Songshan District, Taipei City)

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