Education level depends on nature, and charisma depends on the environment. Appearance is the key to how people remember you straightly as a first impression.



The annual graduation season is about to come, are you ready for a head-to-head contest? Having a high educational background is a stepping stone to entering a large enterprise, but how to take care of the "facade" properly is more of a professional. It is true that wearing makeup well is important, but maintaining the skin is also a significant step that can not be omitted. Excellent maintenance and skin quality can be twice the result when wearing makeup, and even simple makeup can make you more elegant.



You shall not focus on the makeup itself initially but on the maintenance steps before it. For instance, toning lotion is indispensable in daily maintenance. Its main uses are to strengthen facial cleansing, and hydration, provide moisture to the skin and help follow-up skin care products to be absorbed faster. After the lotion, it is recommended to use the essence, it is a highly concentrated beauty care liquid, characterized by extremely small molecules, which can quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, making the skin firm and translucent.


BFL 24k 黃金舒緩露


來自英國的知名保養品牌「BFL 24k 黃金舒緩露」,能增強深層保濕,也能軟化角質層。它除了質地清爽不黏膩以外,補水力也很足夠;如兩頰偏乾時,也能濕敷它,肌膚很快能恢復穩定。無論是敏感肌、乾肌、油肌者都可以使用。

A product from a well-known skin care product in the UK named ``BFL 24K Gold Soothing Facial Toner'' can help enhance deep moisturizing and soften the stratum corneum. In addition to its refreshing and non-sticky texture, it is also hydrated. If your cheeks sense dry, you may apply it to make your skin quickly recover and stabilize. Besides, it is suitable for sensitive, dry or oily skin.




LUXE YOUNG「BFL極致賦活修復精華液」,成分含有二裂酵母、玻尿酸、傳明酸與六胜肽等活性物質,能幫助改善乾燥問題、提高肌膚彈力、緊緻度與透亮度,且有助於撫平細紋和減緩皺紋產生,質地細緻親膚,清爽不黏膩,一般膚質適用。 上妝前,記得選擇適合的化妝水和精華液,先好好保養你的肌膚,要上什麼妝都OK,自然散發好氣色。迎接求職旺季的到來,為你的面試考題加分!

``BFL Anti-aging Recovery Serum'' from LUXE YOUNG contains active substances such as bifida ferment lysate, hyaluronic acid, tranexamic acid, acetyl hexapeptide-3, which can help improve dryness, skin elasticity, firmness, and transparency, also reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The texture is delicate and skin-friendly, refreshing and non-sticky, which is suitable for general skin types.



 Before applying makeup, remember to choose the right lotion and essence. Take perfect care of the skin first, then you may put on whatever makeup product you would like, it will naturally give off a wonderful complexion. Greeting the peak season of job hunting and add points to your interviews.



美白篇「最強的睡覺美白法 _ 適合凡事想偷懶的妳」

美白篇「最強的睡覺美白法 _ 適合凡事想偷懶的妳」




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