回家脫罩 親密時刻來臨 清新臉龐猶如「輕妝上陣」

Take off the mask when getting home, the moment of intimacy comes. The clean and supple face that is shown is like applying light makeup.



When it comes to summer, we still need to wear the mask. With the sun scorching, it is easy to get stuffy pimples, and the redness of the skin also follows.



It turns out that the air we breathe is stuffy in the mask, as the internal temperature rises and encounters a humid and hot environment, such an uncomfortable feeling cannot be dissipated easily. It may seriously cause the oil on the skin to block the pores. When facing this endless facial problem, what should do to make the skin obedient?



During the epidemic prevention period, having a great skin condition still needs attention. It can also be comfortable when wearing the masks. Here are two simple steps that keep you beautifully.


1. 加強清潔 / Enhanced cleaning





Choose a facial cleanser that can promote metabolism and exfoliate dead skin cells, lay a solid foundation for good skin quality, and make the next maintenance steps smoother. The temperature of the water used to wash the face also needs to pay attention to. Cold water shrinks pores and causes incomplete cleaning; Hot water takes away too much oil and makes the skin dry. It is recommended to use warm water to wash the face, in order to have the best cleaning effect, and take into account the effect of moisturizing.


英國的知名保養品牌 LUXE YOUNG「BFL溫和淨透洗面乳」添加南瓜酵素萃取與大豆甾醇,能洗淨髒污並帶走老化角質,使肌膚更亮白,且便於後續的保養工作。

``BFL Gentle Cleansing Face Wash'' from LUXE YOUNG, a well-known British skincare brand, adds pumpkin enzyme extract and soy sterol, which can cleanse dirt and take away aging dead skin cells, making the skin brighter and more convenient for followed maintenance.


2. 選用清爽的化妝水 / Use a refreshing toning lotion


BFL 24k 黃金舒緩露



Use a refreshing lotion before makeup to soothe the discomfort of the skin, and maintain a firm, plump, moisturizing, and translucent effect at any time, so that you can also show an instant translucent skin texture when you take off the mask!


LUXE YOUNG 「BFL 24k 黃金舒緩露」添加海藻、神奇草萃取,與維他命B5等元素,以手掌按摩保養,能增強深層保濕,也能軟化角質層。質地清爽不黏膩,補水力也很足夠;若是兩頰偏乾也可以直接濕敷,肌膚很快就能恢復穩定。

``BFL 24K Gold Soothing Facial Toner'' from LUXE YOUNG involves ingredients such as seaweed, miraculous grass extract, and vitamin B5. Besides, massage with the palm of the hand can enhance deep moisturizing and soften the stratum corneum. The texture is refreshing and non-sticky and strengthens the ability to hydrate. If feeling dry on the cheeks, you may directly apply it wet and the skin will soon recover and stabilize.



Bid farewell to the annoying of terrible skin conditions when wearing masks, and give yourself a fantastic appearance. Choose a refreshing toner and cleanse your face with the right one. When taking off the mask, you may show calm, elegant, and brilliant face skin without red, swollen, and itchy, while others may not, which helps you capture the attention of others at any time!

你聽過人體七脈輪嗎 _ 調節平衡身心的能量

你聽過人體七脈輪嗎 _ 調節平衡身心的能量

來自英國的護膚保養品牌 LUXE YOUNG ,也推出了對應人體七脈輪的複方精油,藉由對應該脈輪部位的香氛,提升該脈輪的能量,達到調節人體、平衡能量,提升靈性層次的效果。什麼是人體七脈輪?分別對應哪些香氛精華?

小孩開心剪髮 _ 家長紓壓療癒 _ 超越親子理髮的沙龍新體驗

D.G.Wander 為您介紹超越親子理髮的複合式沙龍。無論小孩多麼調皮搗蛋,終究還是要乖乖地坐在椅子上給設計師剪髮,但這對一些孩子而言難如登天。有的孩子怕生,有的孩子怕剪刀,有的孩子則是抵抗不了剪髮時的搔癢感,像條蟲子一樣到處「蠕動」,真是家長和設計師共同的噩夢。如何讓小朋友乖乖就定位,心甘情願地被剪髮,成為一種考驗。
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