🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變


Taipei, a city that touches the hearts of those who cherish tradition, is undergoing transformation and metamorphosis in a parallel world.



In Taipei, there are scenes that unfold before our eyes every day, making it the daily destination for residents. However, when we observe and reflect from a different perspective, we will discover new things. These details that we previously overlooked have already become a part of our lives. As the world reopens, how can we find new opportunities to relax and rejuvenate? Let's explore the heartwarming feelings of old things and the rhythm of the city where the old and new intersect. This way, we can gradually develop a whole new perspective on Taipei.



Taipei's old-world fantasy


Photo by D.G. Wander


過去 D.G. Wander 曾經介紹過許多國家及其首都,包括瑞士的伯恩、土耳其的安卡拉,以及印度的新德里……等等。新冠疫情影響至今已超過三年,隨著各國已逐漸解封,台灣也將步上這條新的道路。而你在台北看到了什麼?你想怎麼介紹這個城市?如何向國外的朋友介紹台北的歷史淵源呢?

D.G. Wander previously introduced many countries and their capitals, including Bern in Switzerland, Ankara in Turkey, and New Delhi in India. The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the world for over three years, and as countries gradually reopen, Taiwan will follow this new path. What have you seen in Taipei? How would you introduce this city? How do you explain the historical origins of Taipei to foreign friends?


Photo by D.G. Wander



From a historical perspective, Taipei's earliest development was in Mengjia (now Wanhua) and Dadaocheng, near the banks of the nearby Tamsui River. It was a center of trade, primarily in tea. Today, it remains vibrant with folk culture, as many old shops have been taken over by young people who have transformed them with cultural and creative concepts. For example, the " Xin Fang Chun Tea House" at the Tea Museum showcases the history and splendor of the tea trade in a building that blends Chinese and Western styles, creating a strong humanistic atmosphere. 


Photo by D.G. Wander


Photo by D.G. Wander



In terms of geography, the northern part of the Taipei basin is home to the dormant Datun volcanic group, a major geographic feature of Taipei. The natural volcanic vents at the Xiaoyoukeng geothermal valley and the hot springs at the Yangmingshan National Park are both famous tourist destinations, attracting many visitors to experience the beauty of nature. Meanwhile, harvesting the blooming Calla Lilies at Zhuzihu in Yangmingshan provides an opportunity for Taipei residents to experience rural life, as it is rare to experience rural leisure in an urban environment.


Photo by ckstockphoto



Taipei is an international metropolis, but wandering around some corner of the city, you can always find traces of the past. For example, in Dadaocheng, there are red-brick buildings from the Qing Dynasty to the Japanese colonial period and tea culture, as well as religious customs at Dalongdong Baoan Temple and Confucius Temple. There are also renovation projects for old facilities, such as the Huashan 1914 Creative Park (formerly Taipei Winery), Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (formerly Songshan Tobacco Factory), and Museum of Drinking Water-History (formerly Taipei Water Source). In addition to tangible architecture, there are traditional crafts that are no longer seen, such as puppetry and old photo studios, and traditional snacks such as shaved ice, taro balls, and tofu pudding. These old things evoke a sense of nostalgia, and for us, they are a flashback memory, but for foreigners, they are a cultural experience that introduces them to old Taipei from the source of history.


Photo by D.G. Wander


Photo by D.G. Wander 



The amazing food culture of night markets.


Photo by kopachinsky



Where do foreign tourists love to go the most in Taipei? Taipei 101? The National Palace Museum? The answer is night markets, all thanks to their unique food and street culture. From seafood stir-fries and street snacks to icy drinks, everything is available. The hawkers' calls, the hustle and bustle of traffic and people, all merge to create a unique atmosphere. Not only are the famous xiaolongbao dumplings available, but also the delicious and aromatic guabao (commonly known as "tiger bites pig") filled with cilantro and various ingredients.




In addition, there are inexpensive clothing and simple entertainment facilities. Night markets are both delicious and fun, which is their charm. Taipei has several famous night markets, such as Ningxia Night Market, Raohe Street Tourist Night Market, Shilin Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market, Gongguan Night Market, and Shida Night Market, each showing Taipei's diverse face. For foreign tourists, Taipei's night markets are the best way to experience the "local cultural characteristics."




Flipping our perspectives, it's like playing out a parallel universe.



What about the new Taipei? You can also find novel architecture, such as the Taipei Music Center, with a modern and captivating appearance that catches your eye. Or you can visit the Xinyi Shopping District, which has the highest density of department stores in the world, where not only the contents, but also the aesthetics and appearance of the department stores are compared. There's also the 24-hour flagship Eslite bookstore, a haven for night owls who like quiet. And the newly established Syntrend Creative Park in the Bade RD Shopping District is a pilgrimage site for many 3C enthusiasts. The 3C products, which combine cultural and artistic concepts, break away from the mechanical and cold image and have more human warmth.


Photo by SeanPavone



The old and new Taipei blend together to form a true cityscape, and you will gradually discover that two worlds coexist: the new world and the old world. As a result, you will have a brand-new perspective and, while wandering through the city, rediscover the rhythm of the city. Returning to the original question: How would you introduce Taipei to foreign friends? Don't just focus on the trendy commercial districts or the latest and coolest spots. Visit the old city districts and experience the history and culture. The whole city is a time tunnel waiting to be explored!


在城市中獨特的藝文展覽:物物者 ‧ 非物

Unique Art and Exhibition in the City: Nefelibata



藝術家D.G. Lampaulus擁有比利時博士學位,並具義大利、印尼和華人血統。繼糊塗里國際藝廊簽下 DG 之後, DG 也即將在今年9月在中正紀念堂舉辦展覽,亦是繼歐洲巡迴展後的亞洲首站。展覽名稱「物物者 ‧ 非物」表達了「道」的非物質性,並以道為核心,探索人與自然、人與自我之間的關係,展示了生命的渺小以及人類在宇宙中的定位。 DG 將以眾多畫作表達對自然的感受與體會,並在東西文化的交匯下,帶領觀者從全新的視角認識自我與世界。

Artist D.G. Lampaulus holds a PhD degree from Belgium and has Italian, Indonesian, and Chinese heritage. After signing with Dotard Village Gallery, DG is also set to hold an exhibition at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in September this year, marking the first stop in Asia following a European tour. Titled " Nefelibata ", the exhibition expresses the non-material nature of the "Dao" and explores the relationship between humans and nature, as well as the relationship between humans and themselves, showcasing the insignificance of life and the positioning of humanity in the universe. DG will use numerous paintings to express his feelings and understanding of nature, and through the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, he will lead viewers to discover themselves and the world from a new perspective.


此外,本展覽亦以 Nefelibata 作為主題,在葡萄牙語中意指「在雲中漫步的人」,旨在期望觀者跳脫框架,重新定義思考與生活並忠於自我。透過 DG 獨特的視角,進一步思考自我與自然的關係,並勉勵觀者找回最初的自我。

In addition, the exhibition is also themed around "Nefelibata," meaning "a person who walks in the clouds" in Portuguese, with the aim of encouraging viewers to break free from the constraints of the framework and redefine their thinking and way of life while remaining true to themselves. Through DG's unique perspective, the exhibition further encourages reflection on the relationship between oneself and nature, and inspires viewers to rediscover their true selves.





別看她們 IG 如同花蝴蝶般的一派優雅 _ 孵蛹的蛻變造就未來的自信美




🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

依照常理判斷,心臟當然比羽毛還重,但是在古埃及的信仰中,死者靈魂的心臟如果比羽毛重,代表充滿罪惡,將會有嚴重的後果!古埃及文明由於神祕不可測而令人著迷,除了法老的陵墓金字塔之外,還有許多稀世珍寶的古文物收藏在埃及博物館內。而相較於古埃及死亡審判「非善即惡」的概念,還有另一種「萬物平衡」的觀點,這也是本次 D.G. Wander 所要探討的議題之一。
🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

隨著各國陸續解封,台北也即將迎接來訪的外國觀光客。而你在台北看到了什麼?你想怎麼介紹這個城市?如何向國外的朋友介紹你我所熟知的台北? D.G. Wander 將為你帶來一個平行世界的台北:新與舊的世界。從歷史的源頭認識老台北,老東西孕育出懷舊的心感動;... 整座城市都是我的時間光廊!你將在新舊交融的台北中,找到台北這座城市的律動感。

🇹🇷 土耳其的首都不是伊斯坦堡 _ 2022年中已更改國名

D.G. Wander的世界漫遊來到土耳其。相信不少人看到標題會愣一下,土耳其首都不是伊斯坦堡嗎?正確答案是安卡拉(Ankara,舊稱「安哥拉」)。另外,土耳其已於2022/6/2將國名正式改為Türkiye,以避免之前Turkey類似「火雞」的諧音。解封旅遊潮在即,土耳其航空已從Turkish Airlines更名為Türk Hava Yolları,想下訂機票前請再三確認,以免錯過相關的資訊。

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