印度的首都不是孟買 _ 是誰家竟然有600位傭人 _ 奢華尺度令人驚呆

The capital of India is not Mumbai. There are 600 servants in the house of the richest man. They are astonishingly luxurious.


D.G. Wander這次來到充滿異國風情的國家:印度。提到印度,恆河、如神一般的牛、婦女的吉祥痣等印象,一定會浮現眼前。順帶一提,孟買雖是印度第一大城,但印度的首都是新德里(New Delhi)喔。D.G. Wander就帶你一起遊覽印度各種不思議的文化。

This time, D.G. Wander is in a country full of exoticism, India. When it comes to India, images such as the Ganges River, the god-like cow, and the auspicious moles of women will surely come to mind. By the way, although Mumbai is the largest city in India, the capital of India is New Delhi. Now, D.G. Wander is taking you on a tour of the incredible cultures of India.



印度 / India

2021 人均 GDP / 2021 GDP per capita:USD$ 2,280(150th in the world)

總人口數 / Population:14億零680萬 / 1,406.8 M

官方語言 / Language:印地語、英語 / Hindi, English

首都 / Capital:新德里 / New Delhi

國土面積 / Area:3,287,000km²



India, one of the BRICS: The great power that has risen rapidly in recent years



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India is one of the fastest-growing economies, currently the sixth-largest economy in the world, and has been designated one of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) in the past decade. India's communications industry (including telephone and Internet communications) is growing the fastest. Nearly half of the world's largest communications technology outsourcing companies are located in India; In 2017, India surpassed the United States to become the world's second-largest smartphone market, second only to China.



As the second official language of India, a lot of the population speaks English. India is also a major producer of information services and a computer software exporter in the world. Many international computer software engineers are from India. The service industry also plays an important role in the global economic system.



Ganges River, The holy river that washes away sin



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Hindus believe that bathing in the holy river of their beliefs, the Ganges, can wash away faults and sins. Therefore, it is commonplace in India to see someone taking a bath directly by the Ganges. The Ganges is also a well-known pilgrimage site in India. Even if they don't bathe, believers will meditate on the banks of the river.


為何會將恆河視為聖河?印度教認為,恆河發源於中國西藏的聖湖──瑪旁雍錯(藏文轉寫:Ma-pham g.yu-mtsho,印度人稱之為「瑪納斯湖」Manasarowar),因此具有神聖的地位。除了洗滌罪惡外,教徒也會在恆河上舉辦葬禮,將骨灰或遺體、遺物置入河中,期盼往生者獲得更好的來世。而印度教許多著名的朝聖城市,也多位於恆河兩岸。

Why is the Ganges River considered a holy river? People in Hinduism believe that the Ganges originates from the holy lake in Tibet, China: Lake Manasarovar (Ma-pham g.yu-mtsho in Tibetan and Indians call it "Manasarowar"). So, this makes the Ganges a sacred status. In addition to washing sins, believers also hold funerals on the Ganges River, placing ashes or remains, relics into the river, hoping for a better afterlife for the deceased. Many famous Hindu pilgrimage cities are also located on both sides of the Ganges.



Auspicious moles: the meaning of the red dot between the eyebrows of Indian women



PHOTO by Manjeet Singh Yadav from Pexels



Women who believe in Hinduism often draw an auspicious mole between eyebrows. In fact, it was originally dotted by the husband for his wife at the wedding banquet. It represents joy and auspiciousness and is a symbol of good luck. Today, auspicious moles are not limited to wedding occasions. In addition to religious meaning, different colors are also available for dressing up. At the same time, they have also become fashion elements for Indian women, and even men can do it as well.



Auspicious moles of different colors and shapes represent different meanings. The most common one is red. By convention, only married women can draw them, while unmarried women use colored ones. Some parents draw a black mole on their children's heads. It is said that they are afraid that the gods will be jealous of their beauty, so they deliberately make the children's faces ugly to avoid an early death. It is an interesting fact for sure.



Below are the taboos that should not do in Indian culture



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1. 用左手,還是右手? / Left hand or right hand?


Traditionally, Indians eat with their right hand and use their left hand when going to the toilet, which means uncleanness. Even in modern times, it is still very rude to give something to an Indian with the left hand! For example, in India, eating, paying, delivering things, and so on should use the right hand.


2. 關於廟宇的禁忌 / Taboos about temples


To enter a temple in India one must go barefoot because shoes are unholy. But there is one more thing you are likely to overlook, cowhide products are also prohibited from being brought into the temple. You must have heard that Indians do not eat cows. They regard cows as sacred animals, so they do not kill cows. Bringing cowhide products (such as wallets and backpacks) into sacred fields is a violation of the precepts, which is very serious!


3. 關於小孩的禁忌 / Taboos about children


In India, it is not allowed to touch the head of a child at will, because they believe that the gods will stay there, which is very honorable. In addition, they will not put children in the bathtub to take a bath, because the water that does not flow is called "stagnant water", which is a symbol of bad luck and disaster, so they will try their best to avoid it.



The richest man in India, a telecom tycoon who spends money like water


穆克什安巴尼(Mukesh Ambani)

PHOTO by Francis Mascarenhas from REUTERS


2022年《富比士》雜誌全球富豪排行榜中,有位印度富商擠進第10名,那就是穆克什安巴尼(Mukesh Ambani),總資產達907億美元。他是信實工業(Reliance Industries)的主席兼董事總經理,而信實工業在石油、天然氣、電信和零售等產業都有其地位。特別是電信產業,安巴尼讓4G網路和智慧型手機在印度普及化,身價也因此扶搖直上,從2019年的500億美元,短短三年將近翻倍,相當驚人!

In the 2022 "Forbes" magazine's list of the world's richest people, a rich Indian businessman is in 10th place. He is Mukesh Ambani, with a total asset of 90.7 billion US dollars. He is Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, which has a presence in industries such as oil, gas, telecommunications, and retail. Especially in the telecommunications industry, Ambani has popularized 4G networks and smartphones in India, and his net worth has skyrocketed. From 50 billion US dollars in 2019, which has nearly doubled in just three years till 2022, which is amazing.



The luxury of the Ambani family is unbelievable. The diamond-studded shoes cost $17,000 and are only worn once by his wife. That's just nothing to his family. The daughter's wedding cost 100 million US dollars, and there are temples, dance halls, private cinemas, private hospitals, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, sky gardens, and other facilities in their 27-story mansion costing 1 billion US dollars. It is said that they have more than 600 servants, and the monthly electricity bill is as high as 100,000 US dollars, subverting everyone's views!














🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

依照常理判斷,心臟當然比羽毛還重,但是在古埃及的信仰中,死者靈魂的心臟如果比羽毛重,代表充滿罪惡,將會有嚴重的後果!古埃及文明由於神祕不可測而令人著迷,除了法老的陵墓金字塔之外,還有許多稀世珍寶的古文物收藏在埃及博物館內。而相較於古埃及死亡審判「非善即惡」的概念,還有另一種「萬物平衡」的觀點,這也是本次 D.G. Wander 所要探討的議題之一。
🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

隨著各國陸續解封,台北也即將迎接來訪的外國觀光客。而你在台北看到了什麼?你想怎麼介紹這個城市?如何向國外的朋友介紹你我所熟知的台北? D.G. Wander 將為你帶來一個平行世界的台北:新與舊的世界。從歷史的源頭認識老台北,老東西孕育出懷舊的心感動;... 整座城市都是我的時間光廊!你將在新舊交融的台北中,找到台北這座城市的律動感。

🇹🇷 土耳其的首都不是伊斯坦堡 _ 2022年中已更改國名

D.G. Wander的世界漫遊來到土耳其。相信不少人看到標題會愣一下,土耳其首都不是伊斯坦堡嗎?正確答案是安卡拉(Ankara,舊稱「安哥拉」)。另外,土耳其已於2022/6/2將國名正式改為Türkiye,以避免之前Turkey類似「火雞」的諧音。解封旅遊潮在即,土耳其航空已從Turkish Airlines更名為Türk Hava Yolları,想下訂機票前請再三確認,以免錯過相關的資訊。

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