澳洲的首都不是雪梨 _ 大洋中最孤立的大陸

The capital of Australia is not Sydney. Also, it is the most isolated continent in the ocean.


D.G. Wander 這次來到南半球充滿熱情的國度。讓我們從特殊的歷史地理、豐富的自然遺產、熱愛戶外活動的民族性,以及多元的文化背景這四大面向,來帶你認識她的不同樣貌。

D.G. Wander is here this time in a country of passion in the southern hemisphere. Let us take you to know the different appearances from four aspects of Australia: special historical geography, plentiful natural heritage, nationality that loves outdoor activities, and diverse cultural backgrounds.



澳大利亞聯邦 / Commonwealth of Australia

2021 人均 GDP / 2021 GDP per capita:USD$ 63,530(10th in the world)

人口數 / Population:2610萬 / 26.1 M

語言 / Language:英語 / English

首都 / Capital:坎培拉 / Canberra

國土面積 / Area:7,692,000km²



The historical and geographical background of Australia





Australia is a part of Oceania. It is the second-largest country in the southern hemisphere and the sixth-largest country in the world. Besides, "Australia" is also the smallest continent in the world (Greenland ranks after him by land area and is the largest island in the world), across the sea from neighboring countries, which makes it an isolated continent in the middle of the ocean. Indonesia and Timor-Leste are to the north, Papua New Guinea to the northeast, and New Zealand to the southeast. There is a point that is often ignored by people. Australia seems to be very close to New Zealand on the map, but the distance between Sydney and Auckland is more than 2000 kilometers (about 2162 kilometers)!



The British sailing fleet arrived on the east coast of Australia in 1770, and Britain immediately declared its sovereignty over Australia; in 1788, it led the first immigrants to settle in Sydney, and Australia became a colony of the United Kingdom and was used as a place to exile prisoners while reclaiming the Australian mainland. On January 1, 1901, the "Commonwealth of Australia'' was established, and the colonies were restructured into "states" and became the Dominion of the British Association. In 1931, it officially became an independent country of the British Association, with independent autonomy in both domestic and foreign affairs.



Diverse World Natural Heritage



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The Australian continent is isolated and independent, so many unique creatures have evolved. Native species have always been the biggest feature of Australian ecology. It is one of the 17 countries with super biodiversity in the world, and more than 80% of mammals, plants, frogs, and reptiles, which is a species unique to Australia. It has 250 species of mammals that are endemic, accounting for 85% of them. The more famous ones are kangaroos, wombats, and koalas. About 85% of flowering plants are also endemic. Around 45% of birds and nearly 90% of nearshore temperate fish. These are proving the ecological diversity of Australia. There are 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 64 wetlands, and more than 5,800 protected areas or seas in Australia.



Australians are favorite in sun and the outdoors



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酷愛戶外活動是澳洲人的習性。除了喜愛陽光之外,同時也仰賴得天獨厚的氣候與豐富的自然景觀,無論是森林漫步、登山、攀岩,或是獨木舟、帆船、衝浪到滑水等水上活動,甚至冬天還可以上山滑雪。各式球類運動也非常盛行,像是第二大城墨爾本(Melbourne)每年舉辦網球界的四大滿貫賽之一:澳洲網球公開賽(Australian Open),配合12月相關的旅遊行銷活動,使得全世界的觀光客紛紛湧入澳洲,充分結合觀光休閒產業與體育競賽活動。

It is the habit of Australians to love the outdoors. In addition to the love of sunshine, it also relies on the unique climate and plentiful natural landscapes, whether it is forest walking, mountaineering, rock climbing, or water activities such as canoeing, sailing, surfing, water skiing, and even skiing in the mountains in winter. In addition, all kinds of ball games are also very popular. For example, Melbourne, the second-largest city, hosts one of the four major tennis tournaments every year: the Australian Open, which, in conjunction with the related tourism marketing activities from January to February, has attracted tourists from all over the world. It fully combines the tourism and leisure industry with sports competitions.



The multicultural background of indigenous peoples and immigrants from all over the world



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來自世界各地的移民,以及澳洲本土與托雷斯海峽群島(Torres Strait Islands)的原住民,共同造就了澳洲豐富的多元的人文風景。澳洲原住民擁有自己多樣化的語言,以及歷史與神話,是澳洲最古老的文化。澳洲原住民居住在當地長達近6萬年,是全球歷史最悠久的民族之一,在歐洲人尚未抵達之前,印尼和巴布亞紐幾內亞的漁民,就已在澳洲北海岸一帶與當地原住民進行貿易。

Immigrants from all over the world, as well as the indigenous people of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands, have jointly created Australia's rich and diverse cultural heritage. Aboriginal Australians have their own diverse languages, as well as history and mythology, and are the oldest culture in the country. Aboriginal Australians have their own diverse languages, as well as history and mythology, and are Australia's oldest culture. Aboriginal Australians have lived there for nearly 60,000 years and are one of the oldest ethnic groups in the world. Before Europeans arrived, fishermen from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea had already traded with local aboriginals along the north coast of Australia.


The gold rush that prevailed in the middle and late 19th century and the military strategy of World War II brought many immigrants from China and European countries, which laid the foundation for the multiculturalism of today's Australian society. 40% of Australians belong to immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Today, although it is still a part of the British Association, Australia prefers to position itself as a country in the Asia-Pacific region, and its trading partners are mainly Asian countries. Also because of its proximity to Asia, more and more Asian tourists or immigrants are choosing Australia the first. It also welcomes new immigrants from all over the world, and they continue to bring new vitality to Australia's multiculturalism.


🇫🇮 橫跨極圈的國度芬蘭 _ 搭乘北極特快車與哈士奇雪橇 _ 追尋聖誕老人的故鄉

D.G. Wander 這次來到橫跨極圈的北國:芬蘭,漫遊首都赫爾辛基,並一同搭乘北極特快車來到聖誕老人的故鄉羅瓦涅米,體驗冰磚飯店以及玻璃屋旅館,並乘坐哈士奇雪橇,一覽極地風光。
🇲🇾 與新加坡僅一線之隔 _ 馬來西亞建設大型經濟特區

🇲🇾 與新加坡僅一線之隔 _ 馬來西亞建設大型經濟特區

D.G. Wander巡迴完新加坡,這次來到鄰國馬來西亞,來一探這南洋之國的身影:令人好奇的峇峇娘惹文化、依斯干達經濟特區、亞洲第一座樂高樂園、來自英國的松木片場,以及馬來料理中的主角叻沙(Laksa)。

🇸🇬 新加坡的首都是新加坡市 _ 填海造陸的夢幻國際機場 _ 為了一睹漩渦瀑布而特地來此轉機

D.G. Wander這次來到了充滿南洋風情的星馬地區,先漫遊到新加坡,來看看這座東南亞海港,如何躍升成國際金融中心,介紹令人胃口大開的大雜燴沙拉羅惹;填海造陸的浩大工程;象徵種族文化大融合的Singlish;以及連續8年蟬聯第一的樟宜機場。

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