🇸🇬 新加坡的首都是新加坡市 _ 填海造陸的夢幻國際機場 _ 為了一睹漩渦瀑布而特地來此轉機

新加坡的首都是新加坡市 _ 填海造陸的夢幻國際機場 _ 為了一睹漩渦瀑布而特地來此轉機

The capital of Singapore is the city of Singapore, which owns an International Airport established by reclamation, lots of people go there to transfer only for their rain vortex waterfall


D.G. Wander這次來到了充滿南洋風情的星馬地區,先漫遊到新加坡,來看看這座東南亞海港,如何躍升成國際金融中心,介紹令人胃口大開的大雜燴沙拉羅惹;填海造陸的浩大工程;象徵種族文化大融合的Singlish;以及連續8年蟬聯第一的樟宜機場。

This time, D.G. Wander has come to the Singapore-Malaysia area, a place that full of Nanyang style. He first roamed to Singapore to see how this Southeast Asian seaport became an international financial center. Then, he will introduce the appetizing salad Rojak, the huge project of reclamation, the Singlish, a symbol of racial and cultural integration, and the Changi Airport that has been ranked for the first place for 8 consecutive years.




新加坡 / Singapore

2021 人均 GDP / 2021 GDP per capita:USD$72,790(5th in the world)

總人口數 / Population:560萬 / 5.6 million

官方語言 / Language:英語、馬來語、華語、坦米爾語 / English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil

首都 / Capital:新加坡市 / Singapore City

國土面積 / Area:728.6平方公里 / 728.6 km²



The economic powerhouse in Southeast Asia, and how Singapore rises from a seaport to an international financial center



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1819年,新加坡成為英國的殖民地,並在史丹福‧萊佛士(Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles)爵士的管理下成為重要的貿易轉運站。1963年以「獨立城邦」的形式加入馬來西亞,其後又在1965年正式獨立建國。

In 1819, Singapore became a British colony, and under the management of Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, it had become an important trading post at that time. In 1963, it joined Malaysia in the form of an "independent city-state", and then officially became an independent country in 1965.



With its advantageous geographical location, Singapore has become one of the largest transshipment ports in the world. Relying on international trade, a sound business operating environment, and economic policies, Singapore has successfully upgraded and transformed from a traditional handicraft industry in the 1970s to a high-tech electronics industry in the 1980s. Today, Singapore ranks among the top in the world in important indicators such as per capita GDP, human development index and economic freedom index. It is not only an economic powerhouse in Southeast Asia, but also an essential international financial center in the world.



Nanyang-style hodgepodge salad, which is appetizing and full of creativity.




羅惹(馬來文:Rojak / 印尼文:Rujak,又寫作「囉惹」、「囉雜」、「羅喏」、「囉吔」等),是一種東南亞當地的傳統沙拉,不同地區則衍生出不同的調味與配料。一般的水果羅惹食材有小黃瓜、鳳梨、蕪菁、涼薯、芽菜、油豆腐和油條等,有時也會加上芒果和青蘋果。醬汁則以水、蝦醬、糖、辣椒和檸檬汁混合而成,攪拌後撒上碎花生即完成,在四季炎熱的東南亞地區是一道經典的開胃料理。

Rojak (Malay: Rojak / Indonesian: Rujak) is a traditional local salad in Southeast Asia, and different regions have evolved different seasonings and ingredients. Common fruit rojak ingredients include cucumbers, pineapples, turnips, jicama, sprouts, fried tofu and fried dough sticks, sometimes mangoes and green apples are added. The sauce is a mixture of water, shrimp paste, sugar, chilli and lemon juice, tossed and sprinkled with crushed peanuts. It is a classic appetizer in Southeast Asia where it is hot all year round.





The ingredients of Indian rojak are slightly different. Some additional foods like fried dough, crispbread, potatoes, fried prawns and eggs are be added. It also be served with spicy peanut sauce. Indian rojak in Singapore is used to add fried pumpkin and tofu and the sauce is replaced with sweet and spicy sauce. Besides, Rojak in Penang, Malaysia also has its own specialties. They add condiments like lotus mist, fried squid and honey to the fruit rojak. The pronunciation of rojak in Teochew is close to "laza", which also means "hodgepodge". And this can perfectly describe Singapore's multiculturalism.





The dream place of land reclamation, all of its earthwork is equivalent to 661 Taipei 101



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At the beginning of the founding of the country, Singapore's land area was only 581.5 square kilometers, so the government began to implement the plan of land reclamation very early. Singapore reviews its territorial plan every 10 years and expects the country to reach 777 square kilometers by 2030. The cost of this project is very high. The construction of Changi Airport has already cost NT$47.5 billion, and the well-known Marina Bay Sands is also built on the reclaimed land. Up to 23% of Singapore's land area is now reclaimed from the sea.



Not only the cost, but the volume of earthwork for reclamation is also quite astonishing. Each square kilometer requires 70 million tons of sand and gravel. In conversion, the earthwork filled so far is equivalent to 661 Taipei 10. It is hard to imagine how much manpower and material resources the huge project accumulated over the decades can cost! Behind Singapore's prosperous economy, part of it is achieved by reclaiming the "dream land".



Through a mixture of multiple languages, we can view the cultural fusion from Singlish in Singapore





Everyone must have heard that English in Singapore is different from its ordinary style. Since Singapore is a multi-ethnic country, distinct languages also influence each other because of cultural differences. English in Singapore, which is used as the lingua franca, is influenced by Chinese, Malay and other dialects. It has a special name Singlish, which is also known as ''Singapore English''. There are three major characteristics for it:


1. 較不注重文法規則,如時態、be動詞、單複數或定冠詞。有時候會更像華語的文法。 /  Less emphasis on grammatical rules such as tenses, the be verb, singular and plural, or definite articles. It is somehow more like grammar in Mandarin.

由於受到華語的影響,英文當中的許多文法就會被省略。例如我們叫一個人別害羞,一般會說Don’t be shy,但Singlish可能就只會說:Don’t shy,直接把be動詞省略掉了。

Due to the influence of Mandarin, many grammars in English are omitted. For example, in Singlish, the sentence ''Don't be shy'' would be shorten to ''Don’t shy''. The be verb is omitted from this pattern.


2. 語調很特別,像是唱歌一樣,還會加上很多語助詞。 / Their intonation is very special with lots of auxiliary words, just like singing.


Anyone who has heard Singapore-style English must be unforgettable by its tone. Regular English only has light and accent tones, but there ar four tones in Mandarin, 8 and 9 tones respectively in Hokkien and Cantonese. Mixing these deffirent types of languages in English can of course make the tones of sentences relatively complicated. In addition, many ending particles is added, such as lar, lor, liao, leh and so on.


3. 混入馬來語及華語方言。 / It is mixed with Malay and Chinese dialects.


There are several Hokkien dialects commonly used in Singlish, such as Jialat, which can describe a person's situation as miserable in addition to being tired. Besides, ''Siao'', is used to describe a person's miserable situation in Hokkien or a ridiculous situation.



The multi-racial and cultural integration of Singapore can be seen from the language, which represents the cultural meaning behind the Singlish phenomenon.



Changi Airport, the world's best airport for 8 years, with its world's tallest indoor waterfall



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Singapore Changi Airport has been named "World's Best Airport" for eight consecutive years from 2013 to 2020. Skytrax, a British consulting company that mainly conducts satisfaction surveys on aviation services and selects awards and rankings such as "World's Best Airline of the Year" and "World's Best Airport of the Year" every year. In addition, Changi Airport usually comes out on top, if not in the first place.


星耀樟宜(Jewel Changi Airport)於2019年完工,是連結樟宜機場三個航廈的綜合性娛樂設施,以鋼材與玻璃帷幕結合的穹頂,不但充滿現代感且令人驚豔,「森林谷」(Forest Valley)打造階梯式的熱帶雨林,其中最吸睛的是森林谷中心的雨漩渦(Rain Vortex),它也是世界上最高的室內瀑布,搭配色彩繽紛的投影,有著美不勝收的壯觀。

Completed in 2019, Jewel Changi Airport is a comprehensive entertainment facility connecting the three terminals of Changi Airport. The dome made of steel and glass curtains modernity and stunning, the "Forest Valley" that created as a stepped tropical rainforest with the eye-catching Rain Vortex in the center of it. It is also the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, and with its colorful projections, it is a sight to behold.



It is said that when traveling to Singapore, people have to set aside a day to explore the airport. Some even especially come to transfer only for having a look at the airport. There is no need to go through complicated immigration procedures, what you only need to do is to simply fill in a small white card, then you can enter Jewel Changi for shopping and enjoy an alternative "transit travel" itinerary.



Nanyang style ramen in Dotard Village




D.G. Wander相關企業糊塗里私廚酒窖Dotard Village目前正推出充滿南洋風味的蝦湯海鮮拉麵,讓你不出國也能體驗道地的星馬料理。瀏覽完世界漫遊的新加坡篇,順便也來一趟美食之旅吧!

Dotard Village, a company related to D.G. Wander, is currently launching Nanyang-style ramen that allow you to experience authentic Singapore-Malaysia style cuisine without going abroad. After browsing this new chapter of world roaming in Singapore, let's take a food tour by the way!


🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

🇪🇬 如果你的心臟比羽毛還重會怎樣?原來古埃及信仰有這個儀式

依照常理判斷,心臟當然比羽毛還重,但是在古埃及的信仰中,死者靈魂的心臟如果比羽毛重,代表充滿罪惡,將會有嚴重的後果!古埃及文明由於神祕不可測而令人著迷,除了法老的陵墓金字塔之外,還有許多稀世珍寶的古文物收藏在埃及博物館內。而相較於古埃及死亡審判「非善即惡」的概念,還有另一種「萬物平衡」的觀點,這也是本次 D.G. Wander 所要探討的議題之一。
🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

🇹🇼 台北,一個老東西心感動的城市,正在平行世界中翻轉與蛻變

隨著各國陸續解封,台北也即將迎接來訪的外國觀光客。而你在台北看到了什麼?你想怎麼介紹這個城市?如何向國外的朋友介紹你我所熟知的台北? D.G. Wander 將為你帶來一個平行世界的台北:新與舊的世界。從歷史的源頭認識老台北,老東西孕育出懷舊的心感動;... 整座城市都是我的時間光廊!你將在新舊交融的台北中,找到台北這座城市的律動感。

🇹🇷 土耳其的首都不是伊斯坦堡 _ 2022年中已更改國名

D.G. Wander的世界漫遊來到土耳其。相信不少人看到標題會愣一下,土耳其首都不是伊斯坦堡嗎?正確答案是安卡拉(Ankara,舊稱「安哥拉」)。另外,土耳其已於2022/6/2將國名正式改為Türkiye,以避免之前Turkey類似「火雞」的諧音。解封旅遊潮在即,土耳其航空已從Turkish Airlines更名為Türk Hava Yolları,想下訂機票前請再三確認,以免錯過相關的資訊。

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